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Friday, April 15, 2011

the things we do for women... damn them....

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Well life is at its usual... I have my Seventh string!!!:wtf: Life is back to being as chaotic as its supposed to be!!! Now i can raise hell the way i wuz born to!!
The other night i played guitar for 16 hours straight... well when i looked down at my pick hand i realized somthing, it was covered in blood! I played so much that i quite literaly cut my hands! Now my girlfreind gets mad when she tries to hold my hand right were the scratches are and thinks it hurts me. (honestly i dont feel a thing when she does it) So i promised i wouldnt play guitar for a couple of days... well... im a teenage guitarist who has nothing better to do than play guitar, or listen to music, so obviously... This is fucking tourture!!!!
Apparently over the weekend for like the next 9 weekends shes gonna be going to this school activity for dual credit... so, im actually kinda down. so..... what does a guitarist do when he's down?
*drumroll please*
He rocks his cock off until the cowz come home!!!!!!
so i will play guitar!!!!-reaper
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