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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Yes this is that one blog that you will regret rea

Well im tired, im sore all over, and im sober. Kinda makes you think "has there ever been a time this shity?" well i have your answer: Yes, and there always will be worse to come, thats why you have to stand up, pick up a guitar, find one of thousands of your missing guitar picks and keep going!

I need a new project to work on... i just finished painting all the metal on one of my guitars, that was a bitch... in a couple of days from when i post this blog i should be posting a picture of that guitar on the forums:how do i paint my guitar fingerboard? But now what do i do? *huff* i need a life...

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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Yes this is that one blog that you will regret rea

Oh yea! i just finished painting that first act that i been talking about! i painted almost everything on that guitar that is metal! My birthday is coming up soon... i dont even know if i put my actual birthday on this dang profile... well if ya wanna know its may 11th. DO NOT EVER SEND ME A MESSAGE SAYING HAPPY BIRTHDAY. i absolutly detest my birthday... fucking everybody sings the "happy birthday song". well i got a question! why does everybody have to sing on your birthday? what kinda present is that?!?! Im sorry i think my ears bleed enough without 200 fucking people singing horribly! well i gotta go... ill post part 2 of this blog tommoro.
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

this is the downhill part...(caution dont read if

Current mood: pissed off

Well... you know when you clutch the whole world in your hands and life itself seems to shine down on you with pride? Well good for you now shut the fuck up and get the hell outa lala land! Man one of my freinds died... i wanted to go to her funeral... my girlfreind went and i got stuck here! What the fuck!?!? Now im stuck here at school, im depressed as hell, and IM SOBER!!!! What the fuck is this?!?!?  Man i just wanna be fucking happy for more than one day!! My girlfreind was like "I dont wanna hurt you" and meanwhile she's about to ride to a funeral of a girl she barely knew with a dude/dudes (i dont know if its more than one) that i know likes her! Im not hurt... just... i only feel like my heart was surgically removed from my ass! No im not hurt!
Damnit i need to direct my anger somewhere else... not at her. See this is why i tend to get hammer'd when im depressed!
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Friday, April 15, 2011

the things we do for women... damn them....

Well life is at its usual... I have my Seventh string!!!:wtf: Life is back to being as chaotic as its supposed to be!!! Now i can raise hell the way i wuz born to!!
The other night i played guitar for 16 hours straight... well when i looked down at my pick hand i realized somthing, it was covered in blood! I played so much that i quite literaly cut my hands! Now my girlfreind gets mad when she tries to hold my hand right were the scratches are and thinks it hurts me. (honestly i dont feel a thing when she does it) So i promised i wouldnt play guitar for a couple of days... well... im a teenage guitarist who has nothing better to do than play guitar, or listen to music, so obviously... This is fucking tourture!!!!
Apparently over the weekend for like the next 9 weekends shes gonna be going to this school activity for dual credit... so, im actually kinda down. so..... what does a guitarist do when he's down?
*drumroll please*
He rocks his cock off until the cowz come home!!!!!!
so i will play guitar!!!!-reaper
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

What life is now...

Current mood: cranky

Great... I cant find a low string for my 7 string, i got busted for PDA ( personal display of affection)AKA kissing at school:liplick:, i let my best freind borrow my cord and i only have two which means no delay for me, and of course i havent been sleeping at all... i stay up all night playing guitar...:rant: But life is still good! I have a great girl, a great guitar, pissy parents (as usual):bash:, and im getting in lots of practice! (7-8 hours a day) Im starting to want to learn Korn but i cant find out were to buy a low String for my 7!:angry: (If any one knows post me a comment telling me were)
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Monday, February 14, 2011

life in time

:heart:Its Valentines day... im tired cuz i stayed up all night again. Last night I found a dustbunny under the wammy bar in my guitar, i think i cried. (jk) I keep my guitars in top condition at all times. No matter how much a guitar is worth i keep it in top condition 24/7 because that is another instrument i can make music with. I believe a musician is measured by the music he makes, not what he makes the with... (besides rap and automated drums)
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Saturday, February 12, 2011


Current mood: amused

Got the girl of my dreams... we've been together for about 5 months. just finished fixing my Bc rich. this is my first blog... wow. i plan on sending in lots of tabs! but most are is good. hell im trying to get into playing metal better... i wanna play arch enemy. but its kinda hard to learn metal off of paper, i need a computer. ill just update when im at school. i think i can get on my UG profile there... i plan on taking part in the forums soon... look out!
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