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Sunday, March 08, 2009

In this Vast Expanse of Nowhereness

Current mood: contemplative

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Close your eyes
Put your hands against your eyes
It's black
Now blink your eyes with your hands ontop of them
See that white flash?
Now you're going to have to read this all at once:
Put your hands over your eyes again
Then, squeeze your eyes tightly shut
After five seconds, slowly release them...but keep your eyes closed with your hands on top of them
You will see a vast expanse of swirling things that makes you feel high
Think about those swirling things
Then, open your eyes
Let them readjust
Then read what I say below
Werd huh...I did that when I was really tired...it made me think...good for meditating...but it goes away after a while
Peace Out 
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