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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Health Update on my "Pitty Buy" Guitar

Current mood: hopeful

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  I am happy to announce that the beat up guitar I bought because I felt bad for it, survived through the night.
  Her broken neck is healing nicely. The critical hours have passed and she has survived. She is a fighter. I believe she will make a full recovery and have minimal scarring.
  As of this morning, she has been moved from the ICU to the recovery and healing unit. 
 While she is recouperating from neck surgery, her many but non-lethal wounds will be cleaned, evaluated, and each given appropriate treatment.
  She still is not fully lucid, and it might be another day or two before she will be able to speak. Surprisingly, she did have the strength to whisper to me. In the faintest whisper that could barely be heard, she told me her name was "Blackie". :heart:
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