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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I bought a guitar because I felt sorry for it....

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Today I am officially INSANE!
I bought a guitar because I felt SORRY for it. Now if that doesn't tell you that I have completely slipped off my plate I don't know what does.
 I have felt sorry for dogs and cats and brought them home, but this is just plain STUPID!
 I was out in some little coal town and saw a pawn shop. I figured what the hell, Ill go look and see what they have. They had ALOT of nice acoustics, priced pretty good. I looked at a few, a nice OLD fender acoustic electric, and one that I cant remember the name of. Then I see this big black dreadnought on the bottom of the rack. I picked it up...price tag said $99. I was still folding the Fender when I took "Blackie" off the rack. I handed hubby the Fender and started to check out the big black guitar. It sounded real nice but it was kinda beat up. No problem, everything I own is beat up.
Upon closer inspection I notice cracks in the paint on the neck. The pawn shop guy was watching me check out all the guitars lookin to see if necks were straight playin a lil bit to hear what hey sounded like etc. He also noticed that I saw the cracked paint and that I was chipping it away to see what lay beneath.  A SPLIT! The guy looks at me knowing what the price was and said it has to be worth at least $75 bucks... I didn't even have to haggle with the guy and he knocked $25 bucks off. Then he said I  will throw in a case with it too.
 I stood there still checking out the poor beat up guitar, as I was wiping a whole lotta dust off of it. The back of the neck was banged up, it had dents in the head, and the crack in the neck.
 As I stood there waiting for him to come back I actually felt BAD for the guitar. Like it needed to be taken home, fixed up, and have some one to love and care for it. The guy comes back up front woth a soft case but the big fat black guitar doesn't fit in it. I said I have an electric at home that will, so I bought "Blackie".
 As soon as I got home I got to work cleaning up around the crack. Pried the nut off, and did some more prep work to fix it up. the crack wasn't REALLY bad, just slight from strings that were WAY too heavy. The E string on it was almost the size of a pencil lead.
 Since the cracks werent REAL bad I took a small guage needle and a syringe full of titebond II and shot her up eith 2cc's of wood glue. then clamped her down tight. I guess I will know if it worked or not tomorrow. 
 I'm pretty sure it'll hold, I use light strings. so it wont be under even half the stress of those heavy duty strings...
Wish me luck, tomorrow is my big day. I can finish cleaning and polish it up a bit, put a tusq nut and bridge bar on it and fresh strings
All because I FELT SORRY FOR IT...LOL! :haha:
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zeppdc wrote on Jul 21st, 2010 8:05am

oh that is so nice =)


Raven Wildea wrote on Oct 5th, 2010 8:44pm

zeppdc wrote on Jul 21st, 2010 at 2:05am :
oh that is so nice =)

Thanks! I know I have a soft heart but I did not know it extended to broke down guitars...LMAO!


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