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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Health Update on my "Pitty Buy" Guitar

Current mood: hopeful

  I am happy to announce that the beat up guitar I bought because I felt bad for it, survived through the night.
  Her broken neck is healing nicely. The critical hours have passed and she has survived. She is a fighter. I believe she will make a full recovery and have minimal scarring.
  As of this morning, she has been moved from the ICU to the recovery and healing unit. 
 While she is recouperating from neck surgery, her many but non-lethal wounds will be cleaned, evaluated, and each given appropriate treatment.
  She still is not fully lucid, and it might be another day or two before she will be able to speak. Surprisingly, she did have the strength to whisper to me. In the faintest whisper that could barely be heard, she told me her name was "Blackie". :heart:
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I bought a guitar because I felt sorry for it....

Current mood: exhausted

Today I am officially INSANE!
I bought a guitar because I felt SORRY for it. Now if that doesn't tell you that I have completely slipped off my plate I don't know what does.
 I have felt sorry for dogs and cats and brought them home, but this is just plain STUPID!
 I was out in some little coal town and saw a pawn shop. I figured what the hell, Ill go look and see what they have. They had ALOT of nice acoustics, priced pretty good. I looked at a few, a nice OLD fender acoustic electric, and one that I cant remember the name of. Then I see this big black dreadnought on the bottom of the rack. I picked it up...price tag said $99. I was still folding the Fender when I took "Blackie" off the rack. I handed hubby the Fender and started to check out the big black guitar. It sounded real nice but it was kinda beat up. No problem, everything I own is beat up.
Upon closer inspection I notice cracks in the paint on the neck. The pawn shop guy was watching me check out all the guitars lookin to see if necks were straight playin a lil bit to hear what hey sounded like etc. He also noticed that I saw the cracked paint and that I was chipping it away to see what lay beneath.  A SPLIT! The guy looks at me knowing what the price was and said it has to be worth at least $75 bucks... I didn't even have to haggle with the guy and he knocked $25 bucks off. Then he said I  will throw in a case with it too.
 I stood there still checking out the poor beat up guitar, as I was wiping a whole lotta dust off of it. The back of the neck was banged up, it had dents in the head, and the crack in the neck.
 As I stood there waiting for him to come back I actually felt BAD for the guitar. Like it needed to be taken home, fixed up, and have some one to love and care for it. The guy comes back up front woth a soft case but the big fat black guitar doesn't fit in it. I said I have an electric at home that will, so I bought "Blackie".
 As soon as I got home I got to work cleaning up around the crack. Pried the nut off, and did some more prep work to fix it up. the crack wasn't REALLY bad, just slight from strings that were WAY too heavy. The E string on it was almost the size of a pencil lead.
 Since the cracks werent REAL bad I took a small guage needle and a syringe full of titebond II and shot her up eith 2cc's of wood glue. then clamped her down tight. I guess I will know if it worked or not tomorrow. 
 I'm pretty sure it'll hold, I use light strings. so it wont be under even half the stress of those heavy duty strings...
Wish me luck, tomorrow is my big day. I can finish cleaning and polish it up a bit, put a tusq nut and bridge bar on it and fresh strings
All because I FELT SORRY FOR IT...LOL! :haha:
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Guitar shopping help me pick one

Current mood: tired

Ok....Ive got my choices narrowed down to 2 acoustic guitars. I could use some input here...
1.) Yamaha FG700S Dreadnnought
2.) Washburn WD10SCE cutaway electric Dreadnought
I have read the reviews and both are highly rated. I like the cutaway body style, but the Yamaha had more reviews and comments, all positive. One cracked me up, the guy loved the Yamaha guitar but was dissapointed that it didn't come with a fortune cookie...LMAO!
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Sunday, July 04, 2010

My UG Friends :)

Current mood: thankful

  I want to thank my UG Friends for reading the insane ramblings of a madwoman that is my "Blog", a.k.a. Bizarre Life of Old Guitarist. :rant:
 I also want to THANK YOU for leaving comments and kudos on it as well :dance:.
 Let's all give Hiwaychild1 a round of applause for kicking his addiction. That was funnier than shit. I am STILL cracking up about the whole "Mock Intervention" :haha: 
 I was surprised by the fact that I actually made friends here, and that they found my "BLOG" interesting.
 Something else occurred to me as I reviewed the "details" about all of you. I noticed that 4 of you, like myself, are from the U.S. South! Well butter my butt an call me a biscuit. It was so good to see that there is LIVING PROOF to show the world that Southerners are NOT gun totin, mud truck drivin, moonshine drinkin, crazy Hillbillies like everyone thinks.
Well, I might be, but it's too late to do anything about it now.
MY last words might be "Hey Y'all watch 'iss", but you guys are going to follow that statement with some ASS KICKING guitar playing. You are already off to a GREAT start. DON'T SCREW IT UP MAN!!
 Since I'm older than dirt and more f'd up than a soup sandwich, you can leave the reckless crazy redneck shit for me. I get really bored, and I'm from West Virginia, so I automatically win by default. LMFAO!
  Someones got to live up to the reputation or there will be a HUGE void in the comedic world due to the lack of redneck jokes. :haha:
THANKS AGAIN! :cheers:
BTW... If you don't mind, Please Join the group "Sons and Daughters of Dixie Soil". We are a whole 2 members strong. We need more!  :wavey:
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Guitar Hero put a fire under my ass

Current mood: rejuvenated

 I don't know how everyone feels about the video game "Guitar Hero", but it put a fire under MY ass.
 I bought the whole World Tour package for my son's 12th birthday last October. I not only got my son turned on to some REALLY GREAT music, I got myself addicted to the playing the "drums".
 One day I decided that I NEEDED to have the Metallica game, and that my son needed to hear what they were BEFORE they sold out.

:wavey:My name is RaVen, and I'm an addict:wavey:

 I am not a fan of video games at all. I haven't played one since the original Playstation came out. Guitar Hero on XBOX360 not only had me hooked, I was truely ADDICTED.

 Since it only came with one "guitar", which I could NEVER get ahold of because if my son wasn't playing it, my husband WAS. So I got to be the "drummer":D

 I have NEVER been addicted to ANYTHING, not drugs, not drinking, NOTHING, EVER. Apparently, drums are my poison.


:headbang:An 18 Hour Jam:headbang:

 Yes, you read that correctly. I played "drums" for 18 HOURS STRAIGHT! Tappa, tappa, tappa, thump, thump, tappa, tick, thump, tappa, tappa, tappa, tick, thump.... and the occaisional ping ping pinginging "OH SHIT MY STICK!" would be heard as one would fly out of my hand and ricochet around the room.   

 That is what kept a pillow wrapped around hubby's head at night so he could TRY to sleep. I wasn't stopping till I had 5 stars on EVERY song on that Metallica game, then I was going to go for 5 gold stars! I was KICKING ASS and going for the gold! Then "it" happened....


:cry: I Grenaded My Drums :cry: 


 I don't know if anyone else will admit getting trapped in this vortex of video insanity, but I KNOW I am not alone.
When you play "Metallica" you PLAY those "drums". I have literally, knocked the drum kit over hitting a crash cymbal. If it was hit hard in the song, I hit it just as hard on my "kit". I did the same thing with every "drum" as well. In my mind they would somehow be louder if I hit them harder. I am telling you, I was magically transformed into Lars when I played A GAME!
 That "drum kit" lasted a whole 16 days before the "red drum" was beaten to DEATH. It was beaten into the shape of a bowl, I could have eaten soup out of it LOL!
You would THINK that the XBOX people would have had thought this out a little better, when designing the drums. Either NONE of them had heard Metallica before, or the designers were chimps. 


 :angry:Customer Service :angry: 

 Luckily, or so I thought, there was a "guarantee" on the drums. I called customer service, and was asked, "are you sure it is not working?". I told the woman, "YES, I KNOW when a rubber drum pad is NOT lighting up the little blip on a TV screen". Then I was then asked if I was hitting it hard enough :bash: . I had just told her 2 minutes earlier that I BEAT IT TO DEATH! :wtf:

 She told me what to do to get it replaced. So I shipped off the 2 little plastic cymbal "elbow mounts", and waited like a junkie for my new drums.


:eek:I NEED A FIX MAN!:eek:

I was jonesing for a fix the day after I sent off the little elbows. I was losing it! I needed to play, so, I picked up the "guitar". That too was f'd up, the flipper/strum bar was starting to go. I used it anyway, it wasn't that bad, you just had to hit it just right. I ordered another guitar IMMEDIATELY before I was stuck with just the mic. I was shocked at how much a FAKE  PLASTIC GUITAR costs. I found one on Ebay for 25 bucks, the only catch was, it was an Aerosmith guitar (and game). I HATE AEROSMITH! Steven Tylers mouth freaks me out, it scares me. I was a Guitar Hero junkie, so I HAD to buy it.


:headbang:I'm a GUITAR HERO now!:headbang: 


 Now there I was, sitting in front of a TV screen, playing Metallica on a plastic guitar.  I was 15 stars away from a PERFECT score but that DAMN FLIPPER kept me from my fame and fortune.

 Fast forward 3 days.. The new "guitar" arrives, and OH so much better! Then a few days later, my drums arrive, YEAY! :dance: Back to being a "drummer". In the time I am playing drums, son and hubby play the new guitar, and in no time, I have another broke guitar. This one with a f'd up button :bash:. I was now 2 stars from being an imaginary Rock Star. I just needed to get "Whiplash" up from 3 to 5 and I was the QUEEN OF METAL :haha:. Didn't happen, neither guitar was able to respond as fast as I played. :angry:


:finger:$60 bucks for a FAKE GUITAR?:finger:  

 SNOWBALLS CHANCE IN HELL! Not spending $60 on a FAKE  PLASTIC GUITAR that will break in a month! I used to play a REAL guitar, WHAT THE HELL is wrong with me! :bash: I have 2 acoustic guitars right there, leaning on the wall!! I need an electric one :rant:

 Back to the internet I go. I wasn't looking to spend a fortune, or even a brand name. My only requirement was it had to be a "Strat" type. I found one used for less than the fake plastic one :golfclap:. Supposedly, the pick guard was scratched OMG, NOT THE PICK GUARD! LMFAO!

 I bought it, it arrived, UPS cracked the head. I called the place I got it from and told them it was cracked. Not a bad crack, did not effect the guitar. I could either snap the little piece off and sand it or glue it. I just wanted them to let UPS know what "Fragile" and "Do NOT CRUSH" meant. I got a $15 credit!! So, now I have spent a whole $35. Turns out the pick guard was NOT scratched at all. The protective plastic that some dope never removed was, but it was PERFECT! HA HA! 


If a VIDEO GAME inspired me to pick up the guitar AGAIN, I wonder how many kids it has inspired to play a real one for the first time???  



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