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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Another untitled love song

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It's not entirely finished yet. There's some parts i think could be more clear, plus a couple form issues to work on, but other than that it's pretty much intact. As always, comments and criticism are appreciated.

Pt. One

Twin red taillights interrupted darkness

Bright, they were fiery autumn leaves against dead asphalt

I took my cue to leave.

I hit the ground rolling.


We witnessed a lifetime together in a single night

Iconoclastic love is sandwiches at three am

And watching sunrises over polluted beaches.



Pt. Two


Sweaty palms and the plane isn’t even halfway there

Comfort tattooed on the back of my hand


I can breathe again.

The text message punctuates this romantic ellipsis.


From 35,000 feet,

“Happy birthday. I love you.”
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