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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Another untitled love song

It's not entirely finished yet. There's some parts i think could be more clear, plus a couple form issues to work on, but other than that it's pretty much intact. As always, comments and criticism are appreciated.

Pt. One

Twin red taillights interrupted darkness

Bright, they were fiery autumn leaves against dead asphalt

I took my cue to leave.

I hit the ground rolling.


We witnessed a lifetime together in a single night

Iconoclastic love is sandwiches at three am

And watching sunrises over polluted beaches.



Pt. Two


Sweaty palms and the plane isn’t even halfway there

Comfort tattooed on the back of my hand


I can breathe again.

The text message punctuates this romantic ellipsis.


From 35,000 feet,

“Happy birthday. I love you.”
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Monday, May 25, 2009

Song from a Second Floor Rooftop

It's nowhere near finished yet. This is probably the first third or so.

I settle back against the wall
Light a cigarette and brush the grit from shingles off my palms
Exhale; trace the tendrils with my eyes
Til they're scattered by the sultry August air.
City lights have stained the sky
To the east, a faint orange glow
Imbuing the shroud of darkness
With ephemeral shades of tangerine.
In the time frame of only heartbeats
I watched the moon rise to where it's halfway between
Outstretched wires of telephone lines
That sway gently like an abandoned swing set
Mournfully beckoning a rider.
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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Untitled #233

Current mood: pensive

I wrote this after a Jawbreaker binge. Not trying to imitate them or anything, I was just inspired to jot down some quick thoughts I had about a day in downtown Annapolis.

I pull my jacket tighter against the breeze that rolls in off the bay
It's freezing out, and raining, but I've got you and half a pack of cigarettes
We're hiding out down by the Market House.

Is that the dead gray sea of clouds reflected in your eyes
Or just contentment as we laugh over sample size cups of gritty coffee
That last until they're cold as our shaking hands.

The tourists packed it in hours ago, but we'll stick the downpour out
Moving from one storefront overhang to the next
Until, soaked through we gave up even trying to stay dry.

I pulled you into the doorway of an Italian cafe the midshipmen like
And tried to think of something I should say but then
I gave up on words and kissed you instead.

We started off this day with no intentions but to get lost
But in the February sleet of an abandoned city
What I found brought me home.
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