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Sunday, February 07, 2016


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Lol, the last time I went on UG to my profile was (according to the records here), 2012, I believe? Maybe 2013. Either way I'm actually impressed with my songwriting ability a couple years ago.

I imagine myself being like this immature kid then, which I believe I was, and still am, but yeah, I guess I'm just amazed at how hard I really focused on the poetic value of my songs. High school sucked guys! Man, I felt so stressed, pressured, which is why I turned to song writing in general. To be honest I'm surprised at how much I could repress back thing.

This is starting to sound a bit too much though. I'll post some of my newer song lyrics soon, you know, after I copyright them lol. 

Yeah, I just wanted to say that despite me being what I considered myself to be back then (lesser than my abilities show) I still like the way I wrote. Little cheesy though, but still pretty cool. 
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