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Friday, August 16, 2013

Let us Muse over Music... Clever huh? :P

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First of all. My songs sucked, straight up. The problem with me is, everytime I recorded at home, I didn't want anyone to hear me through my very non sound proof door. I couldn't get anywhere near a vocal range, because it was reduced to a whisper. Terrible. Since the last time I've been on, I met new friends--musically inclined--performed at a couple open mics, and I regularly rock out with an acoustic with my friends. The problem I had with my other stuff was that little confidence thing... I still don't record at my house, but now I have the confidence to sing in front of my friends/other people, and therefore, I record with full confidence at my friends' house whenever I can. My soundcloud is full of some interesting stuff too. :P It's better than whatever I had on here, so I'll probs post some of that, if I can. 

Second. My lyrics sucked too. Like legit, someone should've been like, "Yo, Alex, your lyrics suck, and so does your music". :P Honesty is the best, and I did need to improve. I'm still in need of improvement, deff... But it's better than before, lol. My lyrics lacked an emotional value, and also, I was always worried about rhyming everything. Because I don't play rap, don't worry about that stuff! What's important is the poetic value of the song. If you have that, and some cool guitar, you're good. On the other hand, if you are rapping, I do recommend knowing how to rhyme well. :P 

Music tastes have changed from rock to Hard Rock, Post-Hardcore, Post-Grunge, and Metalcore. Just so you know. I'm attempting to learn more scales and such... My guitar playing needs theory, that is all. 

I just bought an Orange 1x12 PPC112c cab, and a 15w (7w) Tiny Terror to go with it. :D It was expensive... Even though I bought it used.... And the amp is prob in need of some repair by now... But for now, it's amazing, and I can get some great crunch from it. So, that's what's up. :D 
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