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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Vital Signs (album title as well)

Current mood: sleepy

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Intro: (sliding down to starting riff palm muted)
I'm here just...

Vs. 1:
Livin' in my coffin
Six feet underground
Talking to no one, and no one talks to me, because I make no sound

Vs. 2:
Send me a letter
A warning will do
Arogance and dangerous are my friends, who knew one of them would do me in

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Check my vital signs
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm still alive
I'm all alone don't deny
But check my vital signs 'cause I'm still alive

Vs. 3:
I try to breathe
But there is no air
Someone come and pick me up or I'm stuck here forever

Chorus: x1



This is a very fast paced song, so the lyrics do not justify the sound. It's not very phonetic, but I can make it work because of the fast paced feel to it. This actually isn't about being stuck in a coffin, though, it's one big metaphor, can you guess it?
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