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Saturday, April 07, 2012


Current mood: artistic

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These are probs the lyrics for the talent show, they're geared more for everyone, and Political Perspective looks like a wreck to me..

Vs. 1:
Poetic justice
Long overdue
Scrapes the soul
Leaves it bruised

Vs. 2:
Temptation high
Confidence low
Thoughts to think
Are much too slow

Bridge 1:
What burns constantly 
Is really all the same

It's too ambivalent
Thoughts too evanescent
Right and wrong on the line
Please give me another sign!

Vs. 3:
Time changes with the times
Trenches being dug
Burning Bridges
Lullaby never sung

Bridge 1: x1
Chorus: x1

Bridge 2: 
The horizon fades
I close my eyes
Mind collapses 
I can't decide!

Chorus: x2

I have some great music, and vocals for this, and I will also say this is my first actual song, that isn't about my previous break up. (Finally) I made it just about all metaphor's for the feel, and so everyone can relate to it. 
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