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Sunday, February 07, 2016


Lol, the last time I went on UG to my profile was (according to the records here), 2012, I believe? Maybe 2013. Either way I'm actually impressed with my songwriting ability a couple years ago.

I imagine myself being like this immature kid then, which I believe I was, and still am, but yeah, I guess I'm just amazed at how hard I really focused on the poetic value of my songs. High school sucked guys! Man, I felt so stressed, pressured, which is why I turned to song writing in general. To be honest I'm surprised at how much I could repress back thing.

This is starting to sound a bit too much though. I'll post some of my newer song lyrics soon, you know, after I copyright them lol.

Yeah, I just wanted to say that despite me being what I considered myself to be back then (lesser than my abilities show) I still like the way I wrote. Little cheesy though, but still pretty cool.
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Friday, August 16, 2013

Let us Muse over Music... Clever huh? :P

Current mood: Insomniatic

First of all. My songs sucked, straight up. The problem with me is, everytime I recorded at home, I didn't want anyone to hear me through my very non sound proof door. I couldn't get anywhere near a vocal range, because it was reduced to a whisper. Terrible. Since the last time I've been on, I met new friends--musically inclined--performed at a couple open mics, and Iregularlyrock out with an acoustic with my friends. The problem I had with my other stuff was that little confidence thing... I still don't record at my house, but now I have the confidence to sing in front of my friends/other people, and therefore, I record with full confidence at my friends' house whenever I can. My soundcloud is full of some interesting stuff too. :P It's better than whatever I had on here, so I'll probs post some of that, if I can.

Second. My lyrics sucked too. Like legit, someone should've been like, "Yo, Alex, your lyrics suck, and so does your music". :P Honesty is the best, and I did need to improve. I'm still in need of improvement, deff... But it's better than before, lol. My lyrics lacked an emotional value, and also, I was always worried about rhyming everything. Because I don't play rap, don't worry about that stuff! What's important is the poetic value of the song. If you have that, and some cool guitar, you're good. On the other hand, if you are rapping, I do recommend knowing how to rhyme well. :P

Music tastes have changed from rock to Hard Rock, Post-Hardcore, Post-Grunge, and Metalcore. Just so you know. I'm attempting to learn more scales and such... My guitar playing needs theory, that is all.

I just bought an Orange 1x12 PPC112c cab, and a 15w (7w) Tiny Terror to go with it. :D It was expensive... Even though I bought it used.... And the amp is prob in need of some repair by now... But for now, it's amazing, and I can get some great crunch from it. So, that's what's up. :D
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm doing a topic on music this Thursday

Current mood: blank

Um, I'm gonna be discussing all kinds of music, and I'll let you know the details soon, but I'll be talking about what Rock is, the roots of it, and myths, and truthssurroundingit. It's gonna be fun. I'm gonna beexperimentingwith some of my music there, with my guitar, and I'll be comparing music with other music. I'm tasting the musical challenge of all the genre's.
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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Vital Signs (album title as well)

Current mood: sleepy

Intro: (sliding down to starting riff palm muted)
I'm here just...

Vs. 1:
Livin' in my coffin
Six feet underground
Talking to no one, and no one talks to me, because I make no sound

Vs. 2:
Send me a letter
A warning will do
Arogance and dangerous are my friends, who knew one of them would do me in

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Check my vital signs
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm still alive
I'm all alone don't deny
But check my vital signs 'cause I'm still alive

Vs. 3:
I try to breathe
But there is no air
Someone come and pick me up or I'm stuck here forever

Chorus: x1



This is a very fast paced song, so the lyrics do not justify the sound. It's not very phonetic, but I can make it work because of the fast paced feel to it. This actually isn't about being stuck in a coffin, though, it's one big metaphor, can you guess it?
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Saturday, April 07, 2012


Current mood: artistic

These are probs the lyrics for the talent show, they're geared more for everyone, and Political Perspective looks like a wreck to me..

Vs. 1:
Poetic justice
Long overdue
Scrapes the soul
Leaves it bruised

Vs. 2:
Temptation high
Confidence low
Thoughts to think
Are much too slow

Bridge 1:
What burns constantly
Is really all the same

It's too ambivalent
Thoughts too evanescent
Right and wrong on the line
Please give me another sign!

Vs. 3:
Time changes with the times
Trenches being dug
Burning Bridges
Lullaby never sung

Bridge 1: x1
Chorus: x1

Bridge 2:
The horizon fades
I close my eyes
Mind collapses
I can't decide!

Chorus: x2

I have some great music, and vocals for this, and I will also say this is my first actual song, that isn't about my previous break up. (Finally) I made it just about allmetaphor'sfor the feel, and so everyone can relate to it.
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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Political Perspective (version 2)

Current mood: calm

Changing this.. We might be doing this on acoustic. I had a song saved in my iPod's voice memo's, and I thought it was perfect. After our first practice, we decided that Lea, our wonderful piano player, who had a intro for the song up her sleeve... Basically, she made up a song awhile back, and now we're using that for the intro, then we'll change gears to the actual song, it's gonna be like part 1 and 2, you know what I mean? It's gonna be epic.
Okay, so to clarify, I'll probs be doing my electric for the guitar part to the intro (part 1) piano part, then I'll switch over to my acoustic and play the completely different sounding acoustic version. Why not just take off distortion, and play with little bass, and Treble with the single coil only on, you ask? Because acoustic guitars have that certain.. Natural sound. You know what I mean? Like when the fingers slide, and her that natural screeching? It sounds yummy.:D

(Begins with playing the first verse through, then the second verse plays, which is where vocals starts)

Vs. 1:? (Only one verse?)
All you ever have to do is start... Walking in the wrong direction
No one can trace your steps, back for your correction
Markers on the trees and rocks fade away
They become evanescent, words too hard to say

(since the ending of this is builds up, it sounds more like a pre-bridge, so this will probs be the second verse)

Your words are chalk
Dry, and washes away by rain
Do not doubt the existence
Of my very real pain

All I hear is your elective
Hypocrisy is what it is
We never wanted this
Your political perspective

I just revised this, because on paper this didn't look to good, but yeah, I think some parts are a little sketchy still, and I need another couple verses, but yeah, it should sound amazing.. I wanted the guitar to be playing constantly, and the cello would come in next, and then piano would come in last, with some eerie one high noters, haha, I can't wait to record this and show everyone!
I'm talking a lot in this one, I know, but I'm just really excited to get this started! I'm really excited!:D
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Sunday, March 25, 2012

To all who actually take an interest in my lyrics.

Current mood: tired

Well, since I can post blogs in my band profile, and I need to fill some of that up.. I'll be doing that. Or not. Since I know how to record, mix, and master, I'm gonna try and perfect my first song to be officially recorded, and then I won't need lyrics, 'cause I'll have it in my songs. I seriously know how to record this time though guys. All I had to do is follow the vid it gave it... Which sounds stupid because I already watched it when I first download my software, but thanks to the recording classes I've been taking for the past four weeks, I know the terms, so I could understand what the vid was talking about when he said interface, reverb, limiters, or bus. !! I'm currently in the middle of an idea, I have lyrics, and I'll music up soon!!! Thanks for being so patient!
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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Political Perspectve

Current mood: accomplished

I'm only putting this up now because I might be entering this for the talent show. It involves distorted guitar, half drive, and full tone, cello, piano, a second guitar (acoustic), and some vocals. I can't write the full song, or we won't get credit as a group but here's what I got so far...
All you ever dream of
Is a land of gold and butterflies
Where everything is perfect
You are no better than I

Distorted guitar kicks in, after playing a small riff.

Vs. 1
Every day before you leave
You take a smile off the rack
And every night before you sleep
You change your smile, or put it back

Vs. 2

... That's what I wrote. I tried playing this on my acoustic, and it deff does not sound as good as distorted guitar, (the distortion seems to like cancel out minors and irregular sounding notes). I start with in intro of those chords, and end up playing a beginning riff, and some power chords for the chorus.
"Political Perspective"-the song title-is inspired by the society, and how it's governed by simple means, I might end up including metaphors which correspond with the literal political perspective, to contrast the value of this song, but I can't write the whole thing, so once my writes start, I'll put more up! :)
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Journey to the Road

Current mood: contemplative

(Intro guitar)

Verse 1:
I can try to wish you away
Pretend you're still here
I don't know where you are
You think you can just disappear

Verse 2:
In my mind for forever
Never leaving the circle of guilt
The remnants remained on fire
The contrast between is nil

I... Don't re*emeber
Come back to me
Stay where you are

I get so far
Out the door
Key in the car
Was so sure
Put it in reverse
Back up now
Journey to the road
But it's already oooooover

(Play through pre-chorus chords)

Verse 3:
The sheets that cover your sin
All color leaves in your eyes
The shade of grey is all you give me
But now I see all your cries!

Chorus x2
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Sunday, January 08, 2012


Current mood: artistic

What I need to do is get on a train, and leave this town innocent


Verse 1:

I'm not a rebel, but Lord knows I've tried
You see me as a wandering low life

Verse 2:
Trying to find a way out of the hole you drew
Just so you can trap me, like a blew shrew

Yeah and I cannot stop this
You know I cannot try to prevent
I cannot surround the problem
I just want to leave this town innocent

Verse 3:
I think I know, just what to do
I have it sorted out, do you?

Chorus: (Replace "Yeah and" in the first line of last chorus, with "But")

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