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Friday, January 04, 2008

Im Going Away To Italy

Current mood: nervous

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Hey all
Ok, here are some of my latest news
I finally made it to the exchange program thingy
So I have the chance to go to Italy for two months
Wich I obviously took
So, Im leaving my house on Jan 15th, and Im gonna be coming back
on March 10th so, hopefully Ill be back on the site in that time
Well, I hope those italians have internet, that way I can log in here
and still talk to you guys in the profiles
But I dont count on it
Im gonna miss you all very much
You're like a third home to me :D
Especially you Hayley, dont worry honey
Im never gonna cheat on you with some funky italian
My love for you goes beyond the sunset :heart:
I love you!

Ok, thats it, .. leaving for Trento in Jan 15th

RaiLeff :heart:
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HaLeY mOrRiS wrote on Jan 4th, 2008 8:59pm

that is soooo super sad :sad:
i will try not to cry....and i will miss u soooo super much!!!
u r the most sweetest person i hav ever met on this thingy...EVER!!! :D
and i hope there is internet there.........
ow yea and dont u worry cuz i would never ever ever cheat on u either!!!!! :D

i love u sooo much:heart:
and i am goin to miss u alot!!! :heart:
:heart: haley


iheart_a7x wrote on Jan 18th, 2008 6:05am

Woah exchange program? That sounds freaking awesome! I wanted to go to Spain for one of those things but I have paranoid parents :(

Lucky you!! Blog about your trip !!!



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