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Thursday, April 02, 2009

"The Shy Man Smile" - For Kurt Cobain

Current mood: creative

This is not my poem. All the credit goes to my friend maegan.

I just thought it was a fantastic, yet depressing, poem that is very much wothy of being dedicated to one of the greatest artists that ever lived.

Enjoy and be sure to thank maegan. shes a great writer.

 please crit...... Ill be sure to pass it on to her.



"The Shy Man Smile" - For Kurt Cobain



No one should die young

No one should count down the days untill they die

No one should have to suffer and cry

Barracaded in dense emotional armor

Never to break the chains of thier inner torture

Never waste your self on false immenities

Death is of depressing nature

Life in the eyes of a sadman is beautiful

You cant get close enough to touch

But you can revel in the have of lonliness it leaves behind

in your soul

The crushing demure of a sad smile

The wonderous event of a life altering act

A legacy you never new you created

All the minds you secretly elated

Hope you restored to the world falling into a depth of pain

All to gave not to save or expecting a lifesaving gain

The revival of an outcast lost

The heart of a generation ignited to life

The pounding of a stage revived to a roar

The knocking down of a backstage door

Adoration of a thousand blank faces

Beauty of a thousand endless paces

The sadness in the eyes of a beautiful face

An elatious life you cant replace

The feelings of happiness in the songs you can't erase

The one person who excepted who you are,

taught you to be you and kept your soul alive

Is now a devitalized black and photograph stuffed in a notebook

The sadman smile a shy event that keeps your heart beating and your soul alive

The beauty of a shy man smile

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Thursday, April 02, 2009

I dont have a name for this one....

Current mood: calm

You tell me your future dreams


with your mind so blind


Cover your eyes with secret lies


and try to make them feel


Paint your life black and white


eyes filled with sad delight


judge their lives with an evil eye


and give them that which makes them cry


tell me how, tell me why


tell me all the things you hide inside


hidden behind your f***ed up eyes


red with fear and bleeding lies


I think i like this one more than the last.

if you cant tell its about addiction

I cant think of a suitable name for this so if you have any suggestions they would be much appreciated.

please C4C

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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Human Perfection

Current mood: calm

Point the finger
Push the blame
Then the other do the same
Fight  your  battle  once  again
this criticisms gone to your head
Perfect beings don't exist
For  many  things  we all regret
Whats your take on humanity
What kind of flaw exists in me
Don't push hypocritical blame at me
Don't  point your  finger
Don't  Fuck  with  me
Your  Judgmental mind is blind
Talking shit all the time 

just stuff I wrote in school.not sh*t else to do.
Please crit

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