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Sodom - Napalm In The Morning   (05:59)
My cover of the song 'Napalm In The Morning' off Sodom's 'M-16" album \m/ { Tags : Guitar, cover, metal, shred, thrash, heavy, metallica, megadeth, slayer, anthrax, sodom, m16 }
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Slayer - Mandatory Suicide   (04:01)
My first experience with FL Studio gave me a backing track of Bass and Drums to the song " Mandatory Suicide" by Slayer. The guitars you hear, that's me. { Tags : Slayer, Mandatory, Suicide, Metal, Badass, Cover, Awesome, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, RX120D, Jackson, Randall, Good, Great, Song, Shred, Riff, Solo, Tune }
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Exulted - A Solemn Epitaph   (03:24)
Instrumental piece written by Justin Bourdeau. { Tags : Exulted, Metal, Thrash, Death, Sad, Minor, Creepy, Horror, Piano, Guitar, Shred, Ambiance, Atmospheric }
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Lunatic Of God's Creation (Cover) - Deicide   (02:31)
This is currently a work in progress.
Vocals are hopefully going down tonight.
This file will be replaced with the finished version in the near future.
Constructive criticism is very welcome. { Tags : Deicide, Lunatic, God, Creation, Cover, Death, Metal, Heavy, Evil, Satan }
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