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Monday, August 04, 2008

Testament in Montreal!

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Hello everybody

So, I went to a Testament show last night and I have to say that it was absolutely amazing. Skorched played first and they did really well, then some band from Toronto called Remain played and completely dominated. They were really good. Cryptopsy came next and did pretty good, although I couldn't discern very much because of the speed they play at, they put on a great show. Heavy as fuck. Then came Testament...

If any of you love Testament or have been to a Testament show before, you know how awesome they are. They played all their amazing songs. Best set list ever. Songs like: Into The Pit, Alone In the Dark, D.N.R., Apocalyptic City, The Preacher, Practice What You Preach, Over The Wall, The New Order, Disciples Of The Watch... etc.

I squeezed my way up to the bar during the first band so I could have a good spot for Testament and boy was I glad I had that spot. During Practice What You Preach, Chuck (Singer) passed the mic down to me and I got to sing backup vocals during the chorus! Holy shit right? I even got a high five later in the set.
It was amazing, best concert of my life. All the guys were right in front of me the whole time. Every solo, Alex came over an shredded right in front of us. It was awesome. I can't remember all the songs they played right now. But they played some off the new album. Henchmen Ride, More Than Meets The Eye, and the title track, The Formation Of Damnation. They played a 2 hour set and by the end I was exhausted. I have bruises all over my ribs and hips from the stupid bar. lol

Oh by the way, some like 50 year old drunk dude was down the bar from us and since he was drinking all night, he had to piss. So he sees a cup and decides "That'll do!" He whips it out and starts taking a piss in the cup. Security was all over it in a few seconds and they kicked him out right away. But he dropped his cup on the way out...

But anyways, It's supper time and I'm starving so I'm gonna fill up and go listen to some more TESTAMENT!

[EDIT] I found a set list on the internet that looks to be the exact same as what they played last night. There is a picture at the bottom of the page

Keep It Metal \m/


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bassboy666 wrote on Aug 5th, 2008 1:17am

Fuckin' awesome, I was about to ask if they did Electric Crown.

I'd kill to see them.


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