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Saturday, July 26, 2008


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Alrighty, so some of you might know by now but I've recently purchased a new amplifier. I've already got the head, I'm just waiting for Randall to get stock on their XL cabs. I should have the cab in about 2 weeks or so. Give or take.

But yeah, I bought the Randall V2 Ninja... Its absolutely insane. I've never heard gain like that come out of a head without boosts or pedals. I dont even have it maxed out. Michael Amott sure has high standards when it comes to tone and amps and you sure as hell can hear that quality with this head. I mean, i've never heard such crystal clear gain in my life. Pick definition is impeccable. I'm never going to need to buy an overdrive stompbox for this amp. The solid state channels (Clean-Overdrive) are superb. The clean has a gain setting so you can get a little bit of breakup without cranking your amp. Handy tool. The SS overdrive is Crispier and crunchier than a burnt piece of toast. Great classic tones. There is a Sustain Boost knob you can pull out to get more gain. When it's pulled out, you get extra gain and a lot more sustain obviously. Approximately the same amount of gain as a Metallica album. Which is a nice and heavy level of gain.
Now... The Ninja overdrive channel (Also called the TUBE channel) is a whole world apart from the SS channels. If you have listened to Arch Enemy before... you'll know what i'm talking about. The tone is godlike. Marshall or Mesa have nothing on this. (I know because i shopped around before buying) This is THE high gain channel of ALL high gain channels. Believe me. I was blown away and i am one gain hungry bastard and it takes a lot to please my appetite. Did I mention clarity? I think i did, but if not here goes...
You would think with a gain channel like this, you would get a bit of sloppiness, right? WRONG. This channel is clean and tight just like... well, you figure it out. LOL. There are 2 settings. "Loose" for fluid lead playing. And "Tight" for your favourite riffs and chugs. Obviously, like any high gain amplifier, there is some noise that gets dragged along. that's the only bad thing about this amp but it shouldn't even be classified as "Bad" because it's no big problem. I picked up a Boss NS-2 from my local music store "Melody Music Center" and problem solved. Overall, this is the best investment i have ever made in my life. If you guys/girls like heavy, this is your Amplifier. I know, it is very expensive but i happened to come across an amazing deal on eBay. I bought the head for only $959.99CDN it came up to $1,009.99 after shipping. Badass deal right? Especially since the Retail in the states for this head is $1,799.99... Yeah that's right, like 800$ off. I saw it and i was like "... holy FACK!!!" But I digress...

If anyone has the money to burn and wants an amazing amplifier, don't waste the extra money on a Marshall or Mesa, because you'll have to buy a pedal to boost them anyways if you want the same gain as this amp. Plus, you spend an extra week's salary just paying for the name. This amp is the same quality if not better for a LOT cheaper. Randall doesn't dish out the bullshit like some other companies do. 

I'm going to go play some guitar now. I'll post some pictures of me with the head as soon as i find my camera.

Keep it Heavy,

RX120D \m/
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colm c wrote on Jul 31st, 2008 11:48am

sweet man!! sounds awesome! i still love my marshall though!! whyd you not get it from Europe though it might have been a little cheaper!


RX120Da wrote on Aug 4th, 2008 11:22pm

Shipping would have been nuts from Europe.


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