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3 days grace14 wrote on Apr 28th, 2008 2:49am

oh ok then ps. I hope they get heavier on there next one


3 days grace14 wrote on Mar 3rd, 2008 6:27pm

Hey dude whats with the random friend thing Where did you even see my name man?????????????????????????????????


FlamingYouth wrote on Feb 12th, 2008 6:11pm

thanks, jaja. it was at a friends' 18th b-day party. as a present, we let her select 4 songs for us to learn and play at the party. i know it's hard to see, but im the guy playing the red strat (i played the lead part + the solo). i also played lead guitar on "Wrong Way" by Sublime, "Rock and Roll All Night and Party Every Day" by Kiss, and "Casey Jones" by the Grateful Dead.


sum_ugly_man wrote on Jan 4th, 2008 4:42pm

well see in your picture your fretting hand is kind of in a position where you are drawing it very close to your arm? that is going to block the carpal tunnel which stops the nerves or something from flowing freely, leading to carpal tunnel syndrome. Look it up on google, it explains way better than i did


vinnie107 wrote on Oct 24th, 2007 10:58pm

ah i see your a fan of Angus Young. Good man!

Im a big fan of classic rock.

how are you?


FlamingYouth wrote on Oct 21st, 2007 7:07pm

it's great, thanks. I'm enjoying it even more the more i play it. we are connecting, if you know what i mean, lol. getting to know a guitar is similar in many ways to getting to know a person.


FlamingYouth wrote on Oct 21st, 2007 1:29pm

This LP is basically identical to the others. There are only two things which separate it from the other two you showed me: the color (silver burst) and the top wood on the body (alder). Tone-wise, i don't know exactly how the alder would have an impact, although sonically the wood is quite similar to maple (which is the wood usually used on the tops of LPs), and the main body is still mahogany (i am assuming), so...i doubt the alder would make a big difference. This LP is not necessarilly better or worse than the others (in fact, I'm sure I would not be able to tell a difference tone-wise). I would go for it if you prefer the color or it's a better price.


FlamingYouth wrote on Oct 6th, 2007 10:02pm

claro. sweet. like father like son. jaja.


FlamingYouth wrote on Oct 4th, 2007 8:35pm

no prob! glad i could help. you want to honestly know why? so i could get girls! haha. but after about six months of playing i really got into it. to the point where it was just all about the music. and since then i've really flourished, and the better i get the more i enjoy it. it's an awesome hobby, i dunno what i would've done without it. i've been completely self taught for almost 4 years now. And now i love playing AND i get girls! (occasionally :P) life rocks. haha. what about you?


FlamingYouth wrote on Oct 3rd, 2007 6:40pm

ah, ok - my bad. yea, i just ordered an Fender american HSS stratocaster - a limited edition in mahogany, which is nice for those thicker, deeper tones. yea, for $500 i think those are definitely the best bang for your buck! the first is the exact same as mine (mine is ebony as u can see on my pic) and the second is the same, just with a flame top. Of the two, i would get the second since its the same price and just looks nicer IMO. I would have gotten mine in heritage cherry burst, but they only had the ebony one at the store i was at, and that's also why it was on discount when i got it, so i sacrificed some looks for the better price, but i still really like the ebony color. btw, u may wanna make a thread about this tho. like, just say u wanna buy a new guitar, u have up to $500 to spend, and you're into rock. you'll get sum good suggestions from the whole UG community, rather than just me. just an idea. i did that when i was deciding which guitar to buy next, and it really helped me.


FlamingYouth wrote on Oct 2nd, 2007 8:52pm

IMB? a bank im guessing? nice. new guitar? yea..i like mine a lot, but i also just ordered a new strat right now. it's on it's way and should be here any day now. im really psyched! um, so ur into old skool rock? yea, LPs work wonders in that genre and can also be really heavy when u need them to (just look at the wide range of artists that use's a very versatile guitar). can't go wrong! mine is an Epiphone (sub-company of Gibson, if u don't already know them) and it's great for what i paid for it (about $600 new w/ case and sum nice accessories like cable, strap, straplocks, etc.). what's ur price range? maybe i can give u a few pointers (i play primarily classic rock too, as u can probably see from my 'favorite bands' section). peace.


FlamingYouth wrote on Oct 1st, 2007 8:06pm

lol. yea, i dont think i'd ever have the balls to post a video of me singing...i'd get totally owned, haha. word, smoke on the water - another band played that at my talent show...kinda stunk tho...jaja. i live in Portugal cuz my dad's a foreign service officer. im moving back to the US after i graduate this year. y u in Antananrivo?


FlamingYouth wrote on Sep 30th, 2007 7:14pm

cool. yea, im actually from VA. thanks! you got anything up on youtube?


FlamingYouth wrote on Sep 29th, 2007 1:38pm

hey. how's life in madagascar?


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