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Saturday, July 14, 2012

2 things.

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Hello, and welcome to Coffee Time With Johnny! (Yes, I just ripped off Rob Chappers' catchphrase. Sue me.)

1. I'm an uncle since the third of July. Circumstances have forced me to hold off blogging about this until now.
My now 11 days old cousin is healthy as can be, but he is quite a sleepyhead.
I'll upload pictures of Levi (my cousin's name) when I damn well feel like it.
EDIT: Pictures have been up but due to popular demand have been removed again.

Yeah, so my Valveking is at the mender's. The gain channel isn't giving me any gain sound at all, and it's neither the tubes nor the jacks.
Since I am at a loss as to what it could be beyond that, I've decided to get help from a tech. It could take a week for it to actually get fixed though, which is why as a temporary stand-in I've bought...

A Peavey Vypyr 15.
Yeah, I've gone the modeling route.
As a first impression, this thing is loud for only having 15 solid-state watts.
Decent cleans, amazing gain sounds (again, considering it's a beginner's amp). Response to guitar volume isn't quite up to par with the Valveking, but I reckon it's as good as you're going to get as a beginner.

Build quality wise, the buttons and the front panel feel pretty... flimsy. I wasn't expecting much for €120, but wow.
Another thing of note is that I spent 15 minutes trying to dial in something I like, and due to Dee Dee syndrome (ooh, what does this button do?) I managed to find a tuner and some bizarre Christmas-esque light show (and had to turn off the amp twice as a result of not finding a way out of the tuner and light show).

Final verdict: As a small practice amp (maybe you're a beginner who needs versatility, or maybe you're a little more experienced and want something for backstage use), this is a pretty good choice. However, I would be a little careful about not dropping it and keeping any drunk rockstars away.
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