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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ibanez build-continued

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Still in the sanding phase for this guitar, I've sanded down to wood on the front and back with an 80 grit, Now I just have the sides to do :/
I've added this cutaway? groove? on the back of my guitar under the neck. I don't know what you would call it, if you want to see what i'm on about go look at the pictures of the back of an LTD-308, that's where I got the idea from becuase it makes it real snoooth reaching to the higher fretts.
I have also managed to purchase some real awesome stuff for this guitar
I got a kramer Floyd for real cheap off trademe ( i just had to buy new mounting studs)
Got all my electronics and Wiring
also got my pickups. took me ages to choose becuase it was real hard for me to decide what this guitar should sound like before i see it finished and play it
I went with dimarzio
An Evoloution bridge 
Tone zone neck
And air norton single
Thanks for reading! will post up when i get a bit more through the process 
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