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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Ibanez Project - Day one

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Went and picked up my Ibanez RG 270 body and neck today 
Brought it off trademe for $105 NZD
first impression. this is a very used guitar, quite a lot of frett ware and a few scratches and dents on the body
No electronics  But the tuning machines are still on and a small part of the floyd is still attaches
Phase 1 complete
Phase 2
Pulled apart the body and neck. removed all screws and prepared the body for sanding Probably not sanding the neck though as it is black and will probably suit no matter what colour I choose to go to
I hope to have it sanded by the end of easter weekend!
Thanks for reading. Ill keep posting about my build if you want to follow it, comment on my progress and give me tips and ideas if you want
Would appreciate help as this is my first build attempt!
Primitive guitarist

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