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Friday, February 01, 2008

Snowing me, snowing you.

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Argh so im up in 7 hours to go work in the frickin SNOW!

Ill keep it simple, i signal cranes, cranes work outdoors, it snows outdoors, ill be working in the snow. Using my combo of tea and glowsticks to guide cranes, ill spend hours signalling.

I remember the days when snow was magical. The very first flakes used to bring such joy and excitement to me. It could make the shittest of days great cause i knew snow = a day off. Nothing beat meeting up with friends for some sleddin and tequila. The joys of plugging cars with a mass of prepared snow balls until the driver got out and gave chase. It was brillant.

But now, it snows and although im still met with the same excitement i relise that. Like many others, ill have to work through it. Im also the driver that gets his car plugged to shit by stupid kids, the guy in the high-vis freezing his ass off while kids are sledding drunkenly down the slopes behind his work.

Ive been sleddin for years and im a pro, i dont want to waste the little snow we do get. Hopefully ill get away at 5pm and be able to hit the slopes with my hommies for some sleddin'.

I love snow!

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chazat19 wrote on Nov 10th, 2008 12:31pm

who cares?


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