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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

On Black Ice to Black Ice!

Current mood: excited

  This morning, I got back from Tulsa, Oklahoma, slept for an hour, and went to school. I didn't go to school on Monday because my dad and I had to get to OK. We were going to see AC/DC in Tulsa because the tickets in Dallas were way too expensive. So, we spent all day in a truck, riding to see our favorite rock band.
   If you have been watching the national weather, Oklahoma is being hit by a freezing rain storm. As soon as we crossed the Red River, we noticed the weather getting worse, watching as the windshield froze before our faces. Eventually, we stopped, scraping off all of the ice in our faces. We ate here and prepared for the hours ahead.
   Instead of us getting in Tulsa by 6, we were struggling down the 90 mile turnpike from Oklahoma City. Black ice had long formed on the road, and our ears were held to the radio, Tulsa's local weather station. Our hearts flew when the tires below us gave way, almost sending us down into the highway ditchs like so many others. Whether it was I-44 or the Tulsa Downtown Turnpike, the black ice stopped us from increasing our speed.
   When my dad's headlights caught sight of the BOK Center's magnificent blue hue, our hopes raised. It was about 7:20 at this point, and we were lucky enough to find a parking spot on the side of the road. Hurrying up the sidewalk, we made it in and found our seats near the right side of the stage. Soon, the lights went off and The Answer took to the stage. They were good, but when AC/DC showed up, everybody stood up. I watched as my fantasies came true. Brian's nod at everyone's troubles getting there made it all worth while. Black Ice was truly an appropiate name.
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