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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Losing Weight

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So, I'm one of the millions of Kids overweight. Right now, I weight 192 and am fifteen. Once upon a time, I weighed a healthy 242 at the age of fourteen before I decided this is totally unacceptable. So it started, last years new years resolution was to lose weight. I didn't have a goal in mind, it was just to lose the package, which I did. I got down to 204. Good, huh? Well, hell yeah it was. I was extremely happy with myself, I felt better, but something still wasn't right. I still wanted to lose weight. And that was this new years resolution.. to lose even more. But this time, I have a goal. As some of you read in my sig, 155 pounds, which would bring me a grand total of losing 87 pounds.

This time, It should be easier. I'm conscious of all of my actions and what I should do. Last time, I just assumed healthy eating and a bit of running would do the trick, but this time: Running: 4-5 times a week for ATLEAST 25 minutes, dieting:Small bowl of cereal for breakfast with a fruit, six inch sub everyday for lunch, and for dinner.. well I don't have a choice really. Being fifteen, you don't really have a choice about what you eat for dinner, just how much.

Now, can I do it. Hell yes I can! But, your guy's support would only make it 1000 times easier to accomplish.

Thanks for reading and the support!

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crazynickman wrote on Jan 28th, 2008 12:44am

Hells yes, you can do it :cheers: I wish I had your enthusiasm; I'm 150 and really don't have to lose anything, I just want to get toned, but I have no motivation, even living on campus a few hundred feet from a great gym :haha


samantha#5 wrote on Jan 28th, 2008 1:04am

well i say its great what ur doing i weigh a nice 115 i go on to the tv station fit tv and that will help and go out side alot more and keep working it good job


Preid wrote on Jan 28th, 2008 1:20am

No way! Youre really 192lb's? You've done well to come down from 242, you on the atkins diet?

Im 155lb's :D

Try the atkins, or get a good cutting diet from the body building thread. Nothing sorts the body out better than a good diet.

Good luck!


restless_thrash wrote on Feb 10th, 2008 3:27am

im 155, 6'4" and i feel like a fatss. I havent lost 1 pound. I applaud youre iniative. Way to Go!


CoreysMonster wrote on Mar 9th, 2008 10:25pm

don't do atkins.

but kudos for coming this far! it takes a lot of character and will power to pull through something like tihs.


bebe17 wrote on May 21st, 2008 4:32am

cmon you can do it
i know you can!


vinc3nt wrote on Nov 10th, 2008 8:58am

good luck bro.....


Sloofus wrote on Dec 21st, 2008 9:51pm

Wow dude I totally support your efforts and want you to know that it can be done! I used to weigh about 300 at my peak when I was 20-21. I weigh about 200 now at 22, but I also lift a few weights.

Metabolism is going to be your best friend for these next 10 years of your life, learn to exploit it with your diet and your exercise.

Did you know that you'll lose more weight if you eat more frequently but in smaller portions? Some people obsessed with working out have moved to 5 meals a day to keep their metabolism going, but these meals are literally like a PBJ sandwich and glass of water.

Request lots of protein. I prefer chicken over beef.

I don't know how strong you are, but I suggest you get into weight lifting as well. Lifting weights will slow your actual weight drop, but have much better results for your body. The fat will burn but muscle tissue will grow to take its place, resulting in more body mass.

If you're ripped, you're allowed to weigh 200 lbs.


ZodiacDragon wrote on Jan 7th, 2009 9:14pm

im going to do what your doing!


Iriathz wrote on Jan 26th, 2009 8:41am

Best of luck!


hortonishockey1 wrote on Mar 31st, 2009 7:15pm

good luck :D


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