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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Losing Weight

Current mood: mellow

So, I'm one of the millions of Kids overweight. Right now, I weight 192 and am fifteen. Once upon a time, I weighed a healthy 242 at the age of fourteen before I decided this is totally unacceptable. So it started, last years new years resolution was to lose weight. I didn't have a goal in mind, it was just to lose the package, which I did. I got down to 204. Good, huh? Well, hell yeah it was. I was extremely happy with myself, I felt better, but something still wasn't right. I still wanted to lose weight. And that was this new years resolution.. to lose even more. But this time, I have a goal. As some of you read in my sig, 155 pounds, which would bring me a grand total of losing 87 pounds.

This time, It should be easier. I'm conscious of all of my actions and what I should do. Last time, I just assumed healthy eating and a bit of running would do the trick, but this time: Running: 4-5 times a week for ATLEAST 25 minutes, dieting:Small bowl of cereal for breakfast with a fruit, six inch sub everyday for lunch, and for dinner.. well I don't have a choice really. Being fifteen, you don't really have a choice about what you eat for dinner, just how much.

Now, can I do it. Hell yes I can! But, your guy's support would only make it 1000 times easier to accomplish.

Thanks for reading and the support!

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