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Jetpacks Was Yes! - Periphery (Cover)   (03:58)
Me playing a cover of Periphery's Jetpacks Was Yes!, from their 2010 S/T. { Tags : jetpacks, was, yes, djent, bulb, metal, metalcore, prog, progressive, axefx, axe }
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Raining Blood by Slayer cover (Learned by ear)   (04:15)
I learned this song in about about half an hour prior to recording, and it took me about an hour to get the recording right. I didn't do the tremolo solo, but eveything else I did by ear. { Tags : raining, blood, slayer, cover, metal, thrash, pat_s1t }
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This Calling by All that Remains (cover)   (03:37)
The audio that accompanies the video I just made of me covering this song. { Tags : all, that, remains, this, calling, the, fall, ideals, prothetic, pat_s1t, pat, guitar, metal, metalcore, core, oli, herbert }
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"Stickly Stickly" - Attack Attack! (Cover)   (03:35)
Cover of that crabcore song everyone makes fun of, Stick Stickly.

I just did this for a laugh, and the song took about 5 mins to learn.

Cheers! { Tags : attack, stick, stickly, crab, core, crabcore, someday, some, day, came, suddenly, pats1t, pat, s1t, Pat_s1t, guitar }
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"Farewell Ballad" by Zakk Wylde (Cover)   (01:29)
This was learned and recorded by me on Friday, December 4th, 2009, five years since the death of "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott. I thought I should pay tribute somehow, and although I forgot to wear my razor necklace this year, I took a very emotional song for Zakk, because it was jammed out by him after Dime's death, and made it a little bit my own.

Incidentally, me and Zakk actually have the same birthday (January 14th), but anyway... { Tags : zakk, wylde, farewell, ballad, cover, Pat, s1t, pat_s1t, Pats1t, guitar, metal, solo, instrumental }
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"Burning Angel" by Arch Enemy (Cover)   (04:20)
This is a cover I did up some time last night. I learned the song in about an hour and a half, so some parts are a bit rough (mostly the chorus and a bit of the solos). Let me know what you guys think, and anything you want me to listen to and give feedback on, I'm up for it! Thanks.

This is a Diezel VH4 patch I made myself a few days ago for Palms Read by PTH, but it sounds pretty decent for Arch Enemy too. I'll post my settings pretty soon. { Tags : arch, enemy, wages, sin, 2003, burning, angel, esp, ltd, 1000, podx3, pod, line6, line, cover, metal, melodic, death }
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