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Monday, March 13, 2017

Interesting People Vol. 1 (of probably only 1 for

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Friends, devotees and/or those bereft of a high intelligence quotient or deductive  reasoning skills (because I fail to see how else you could want to read this unless you're one of the above),

I recently tuned a piano for an elderly gentleman I see at a ukulele group I attend weekly that belonged to his daughter. Strangely enough I was chatting to his daughter on the phone when she mentioned that her brother's partner was a modern classical composer. Naturally I was fascinated by this, and was curious about this person who lived just over the hill apparently. Much to my surprise, he was not only a composer I had heard of, but one whose work I enjoy. Upon discovering this my customer was only too happy to invite him to introduce us and for him to try the piano after it's tuning, which he deemed adequate, much to my elation (and relief, I had more issues than I care to admit).

I ended up giving away business cards to him and acquiring 2 CDs of his work.
A good day indeed.
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