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Monday, November 05, 2018


Current mood: so dumb

Who uses this crap anymore?
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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Test blog - close friends

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Test blog - friends

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Test blog - public

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Interesting People Vol. 1 (of probably only 1 for

Friends, devotees and/or those bereft of a high intelligence quotient or deductive reasoning skills (because I fail to see how else you could want to read this unless you're one of the above),

I recently tuned a piano for an elderly gentleman I see at a ukulele group I attend weekly that belonged to his daughter. Strangely enough I was chatting to his daughter on the phone when she mentioned that her brother's partner was a modern classical composer. Naturally I was fascinated by this, and was curious about this person who lived just over the hill apparently. Much to my surprise, he was not only a composer I had heard of, but one whose work I enjoy. Upon discovering this my customer was only too happy to invite him to introduce us and for him to try the piano after it's tuning, which he deemed adequate, much to my elation (and relief, I had more issues than I care to admit).

I ended up giving away business cards to him and acquiring 2 CDs of his work.
A good day indeed.
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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

I am an exception

Current mood: accomplished

As of December 14th 2016, I am a Yamaha Accredited Piano Tuner and Technician.

Anyone have a piano that needs a tune?
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Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Magic Box: My Now Functional Player Piano

Current mood: excited


I have managed to acquire a 1927 Steck Pianola player piano from my teacher at my piano tech school. The player stack was recently restored by one of Australia's best player piano technicians and only had problems with shrunken rubber hoses on some of the larger pipe sections (caused by poor storage conditions), which were soon touched up with duct tape and are now transporting air perfectly. I also managed to readjust the tracking cam, but I still can't get it to run properly, meaning occasionally the roll will shift enough to screw up the song being played. Other than that, I have made a barely functional player piano into a nearly fully functional pneumatic player instrument, not bad for someone who will almost certainly be the youngest person on the planet to have any working knowledge of and interest in these peculiar devices.

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Thursday, October 06, 2016

An accidental lucid dreaming experience

Last night I had a series of 5 abnormally lucid dreams, all telling a story of how I managed to gain the attention of a strange group of people hell bent on killing me.

Chapter 1: The 2 am car theft
It was a normal night after a gig, street lights were lighting the roads and footpaths of Albury, the city I grew up near. I was putting my stuff into our car with my mother when I noticed a group of people that had been seated at the bar earlier surrounding our car, trying to get into it and claiming it was theirs. Much to my disdain, dissuading them was unsuccessful, they remained around the car and as soon as we tried to put the gear in the car, they rushed in, but did not yet escape. At this point my rage got the better of me and I violently drove my thumbs into the ringleader's eyes, causing severe amounts of pain, and for him to curse me and tell me that I would pay for this.

Chapter 2: the first attempts
A strange event at which a small broadcast for a school was being held, I'm still unsure of the details, but because it was 90% piano based, my class colleagues and I were there, for whatever reason. This strange building was full of odd rooms, including a large carpeted room with stairs, not unlike a university lecture room but with no chairs and all the steps were carpeted in sea green rough carpet. It was at the entrance to this room that I noticed people wearing my old school uniform, and they were people I recognised in many cases, including one of my dearest and most loved friends who I haven't seen since the beginning of the year. I walked up to her and we embraced with great vigour (she's ~163cm or 5'3" and I'm 183cm or 6'1" so I picked her up) before talking for a while. After a while she was introduced to my classmates and we were in an auditorium for the broadcast when it was announced that the area had flooded and we would be trapped at the school, probably until the next day. So we were issued sleeping bags and we set up places to sleep in the big green room, with some of the older people set up on reclining chairs because of their frailty. I was asked to stand watch (for whatever reason, potentially for in case of the flooding worsening) and after about an hour of quietly talking to various people who came through, including my darling friend, an old guy woke everyone up when he got up in an angered flurry from a dream and ran out the door, when in walked three women, all from the group that tried to steal the car previously, they came to insult me and they barely started and I broke lucidity and woke up.

Chapter 3: Telling friends
I returned to 'sleep' to fall into a dream where I went to a busy shopping centre and saw a colleague of mine who remembered the three women from the broadcast incident and I told him I thought I had a stalker, or more's the point, several stalkers in a group, and he asked what I was going to do about it; I don't remember answering the question before we were distracted by a news bulletin of some kind.
I eventually made it back to the school where I told my teacher about the stalker group and he gave me some suggested names for defence, who would probably help me in some way, right while he donned a suit of black metal knight's armour and started brandishing a sword (I really have no idea on that one)

Chapter 4: The train
A simple train ride home from work, turned rather nasty when the three women made a reappearance on the metro train in Melbourne that I was on. They sat and looked at me for a while, smiling cruelly, right until the announcer stated that the train was going to skip straight to my station, meaning they couldn't get reinforcements from Nunawading station to block me onto the train. They then tried to approach me, before I screamed at them to leave me alone and that if they came near me again I'd "make the injuries their leader sustained seem like a bruise and severely fuck them up" which was just in time for me to get off at Blackburn station and go home.

Chapter 5: The homestead showdown
Some time after the previous events I ended up with a few friends in a shack we had built many years ago in a very strange area, sand like a beach, but no water to be seen, and a lot of dunes. Some of my friends were there, doing the laundry (the shack had an underground level with a generator) and we were enjoying ourselves happily. Then it happened, the women showed up again, and the ring leader and one more girl, and he called out to me to come out and face my justice, or they would open fire, everyone said don't go out so I dropped to the ground instinctively and I heard the first .44 round smash into the wall, everyone except the girl in my class got on the ground, and I got up and pulled her to the ground as she was almost hit by the second round. I then made the decision to stand up and walk forward towards them, and almost everyone I have ever felt a connection of some kind with, everyone I ever loved or cared about was there standing in front of me telling me that they would rather die than let me get handed over to them. I looked to my side, one of my colleagues from school had taken the second .44 round in the chest and had died, the blood pooling in the dusty ground around him. I felt tears welling up inside, because someone I honestly do hold very dear had been killed for my sake, fighting my battle, and I knew it had to end there. I walked forward slowly, everyone telling me to walk back and some even trying to stop me but I just kept walking to wards the evilly grinning stalker leader and watching his female cohorts beckoning me in for the showdown...
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Friday, September 30, 2016

20000 profile views

The hell am I doing with my life?
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Friday, September 02, 2016

Bad day

For context, my current class requires me to sit in a small windowed room usually at a table regulating a grand piano action. Due to several problems that have arisen during my regulation I have occasionally become rather irate at my piano and more so at the last fucker that touched it and destroyed the hammers while voicing and filing giving me a shitload of extra work. Due to this I have taken to writing out signs in my notebook and sitting them on the table in the window with a light on them E.g. when I needed to turn the main room light off and use a desk lamp to illuminate the action, it created a rather satanic looking scene so I made a sign reading "WELCOME / The summoning will begin shortly / The Dark Lord ask that you be seated"
The following is a sign I made when, I'll be honest, I was feeling a tad utterly dreadful.

Depressed Human Being
Homo Sapiens Cum Tristitia

Interesting features:
  • Empty Gaze
  • Emotional camouflage
  • Prone to scarring from unknown sources
This Specimen:
- Age: 20
- Sex: Male - has female tendencies
- Features:
  • Ability to appear happy, as if nothing is amiss
  • Unpleasant physical attributes including grown out hair, spectacles, acne vulgaris, bloodshot eyes and tired lines
  • Have discovered multiple suicide attempts, suggests higher level of instability

I feel better now, so nobody need worry at this moment :)
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