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Saturday, July 26, 2008


Current mood: anxious

Alright, so Monday I'll be having surgery to remove my wisdom teeth. Apparently I got mine above 4-5 years earlier than normal, so I guess I'm special. The only positive thing I see is that I'll be "loopy" for a couple of days after. And I get a milkshake for breakfast. Should be fun. I just can't wait until I wake up in a pool of blood. I'm gonna take a picture and it will look like I've been murdered. Once again, should be fun. But yeah, surgery, gotta love it.
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Thursday, June 19, 2008

What is this?

Current mood: Kinda freaked out

Has anybody ever questioned themselves and what they think? I've been writing a lot more lyrics lately and I've just been letting them go. I don't pay attention and then I look to see what I got. Usually, it's pretty creepy. About a week or 2 ago, I wrote the scariest one yet. It's about a woman who essentially eats a man alive. I don't feel like posting the lyrics, but if you want them, I'll send them to you. This really creeps me out, because this is what I naturally wrote. I didn't think about it or anything. It scares me because this is what my mind thinks about, this is how my brain works. I don't even know why. I was just wondering, is anybody else like this?
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Monday, March 10, 2008

The phone call

Current mood: amused

Today my sister recieved multiple prank phone calls from an unknown boy. I took the phone and decided to have some fun. I said, "I will kill you. Never call here again. Don't look out your window tonight. I might be there." I enjoyed every second of it. I love scaring losers.
9:42 am - 17 comments - 25 Kudos
Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fun things to do at school/public places

Current mood: bored

Alright, this is for all of you who just want to make your day a little more, enjoyable. These can be done in any public place.
1. If someone whispers something in your ear, this is what you do. Look at them funny and then start yelling "Man, that's gross! That's sick! Why would you think about that kind of stuff!?!?!" and just start freaking out.
2. If you want to mess with people, use this one. Works great in malls and parks. Sit on a bench and wait for people to walk by. When they do, lick your finger and give yourself a wet willy. Then, freak out and act like you don't know what happened. After a few times, say, "I'm gonna catch myself one of these times!" After a few more, grab your hand before it goes in your ear and yell "HA! I finally got you!" and just start celebrating. You will get some of the weirdest looks ever.
3. Have a tickle fight with yourself. Just start laughing and saying "Stop it! Stop it!" You have to actually tickle yourself. This gets amusing reactions as well.
4. When walking by a teacher or mall security, stand or walk by someone you don't know. When you think it's a good time, yell "HEY! Get your hand out of there!"
There will be more to come, don't worry.
NOTE: I am not responsible for what happens to you.
7:50 am - 14 comments - 12 Kudos
Saturday, February 02, 2008

Something fun to do at a store

Current mood: happy

I was at Best Buy getting some new CD's today. I went to one register and my dad went to another because I had a gift card and was buying my own stuff. The guy asked me if I wanted to sign up for some reward program. I told him no. He kept asking me and I kept rejecting him. Then he just decided to scan the thing and sign me up! Then he asked me for my home phone number. I was annoyed, so I decided to mess with him. He said "What's your home phone number?" I replied by saying, "I don't have a home." He got very confused and stopped asking questions and just rung me up. So if you ever end up in this situation, try it out. It's fun.
7:34 am - 14 comments - 17 Kudos