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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Eric Johnson Videos

All taken from the Austin City Limits DVD. All great performances, too. He's an amazing guitar player.
Emerald Eyes

Trail of Tears (amazing!!!) ture =related

East Wes ture =related

Camel's Night Out ture =related

Western Flyer ture =related

Steve's Boogie ture =related

Love or Confusion (Hendrix Cover) ture =related

Are You Experienced (Another Hendrix Cover) ture =related

Cliffs of Dover ture =related

Zap ture =related

Desert Rose ture =related

I think that's about it. The only song that I know for a fact that you're missing is the Bass solo, C.W. This DVD is on Amazon.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Led Zeppelin Live @ Earl's Court 1975

So most Zeppelin fans are familiar with the Earl's Court performances of 1975, right? About 5 songs were put on the DVD release of 2003. But there were a lot of songs that weren't played that didn't get released. Well, I've located a pretty large number of them, and I'm posting them here for y'all :) Enjoy.
We'll start things off with the four-part, 34 minute long version of Dazed and Confused.
Dazed and Confused Live @ Earl's Court (Part 1) ture=related
Dazed and Confused Live @ Earl's Court (Part 2) ture=related
Dazed and Confused Live @ Earl's Court (Part 3) ture=related
Dazed and Confused Live @ Earl's Court (Part 4) ture=related
Now, moving on...
Rock and Roll Live @ Earl's Court ture=related
Heartbreaker Live @ Earl's Court ture=related
Black Dog Live @ Earl's Court ture=related
Whole Lotta Love Live @ Earl's Court ture=related
Communication Breakdown Live @ Earl's Court ture=related
Sick of seeing these yet? :p Just seperating some of the wall of text...
Kashmir Live @ Earl's Court ture=related
Tangerine Live @ Earl's Court
Anyway, most of these songs were from the 25th of May. This is relevant because they'd played about 5 shows (and let's get this straight, a Zeppelin show is a LONG show) over the course of I think 9 days. That's quite a bit. They were probably worn out by this time. But it's still awesome :) Anyway, peace. Hope you Zepp-addicts enjoyed.
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Monday, February 11, 2008

UG Video of the Day! - Gary Moore

All I have to say is amazing... This guy rocks out, and this is a beautiful song. Enjoy it :) I'm not sure of when it was performed, though. Be sure to leave comments, too. We appreciate those here. Let's us know that you appreciate us too :)
Click here to watch Gary Moore perform "Still Got the Blues."
Hope you guys liked it, and until the next, UG Video of the Day!
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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Wondering why I have Europa up 3 times? Read this!

 Some of you are probably wondering why there are so many recordings of Santana's "Europa" up on my profile. Well, here's the reason...
 The first one, just titled "Europa Jam," was done with my dad and my brother. I played rhythm, my dad played lead, and my brother played bass. Read the Blog entry with the same title for details on that recording if you're interested.
 The second one was something that I threw together as a demo, but I wanna keep it up so people can say which style of lead they prefer, II or III. I played them both a bit differently, and I quite honestly fucked up on both of them. The third version has little things like major scale tones on minor chords and a bad note on the delay at the end and just little things that make it sound like I'm utterly incompetent (which is arguably true). The one entitled "Europa II" just has little things like volume spikes in the leads that don't really sound good because they're not necessarily dynamic, but more just bad control with the picking hand (as an excuse, it has been cold in my house lately and difficult to play due to how cold my hands were).
 The third version isn't done yet, though. It's, once again, only a demo for the final product (which I'd better get to soon because I'm blowing through my fucking hard drive space). Let me set the story in a bit, because this next bit won't make sense unless I explain something from the past first (believe me, you'll see why).
 I just got some tapes from my Aunt with my grandfather's voice, who was a B-52 pilot in World War II,  on them. The recordings are him reflecting on what it was like for him in the war because he wanted his kids, grandkids, and generations of people to come to have something from him about the war.
 Moving on, my dad took a trip with him back in I think the early '80s from Ohio, where he lived, down to where I live now, in Louisiana, to visit my Uncle Bill. It should be noted that my grandfather was very close minded about music. So my dad has this mix tape with, you guessed it, Santana's Europa on it. After about the third listen through, he admits that "that Santana is a good guitar player."
 Aside from one picture that I can recall seeing of my grandfather, I've never seen or heard his voice before in my entire life. I thought it'd be pretty cool to put his voice (as well as maybe some sounds of gunfire) on one of these Europa recordings somewhere, to sort of pay homeage to him, since he died so many years ago, for my family. My Aunt and my friend Logan both thought this was a cool idea (as well as my mom), so I've decided to pursue it.
 So, UG, what do you think of this idea, and there's your explanation as to why I have a hundred recordings of the same song up on my profile. You can comment here or in my profile, but please comment.
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Thursday, January 17, 2008

UG Video of the Day - Led Zeppelin

Yeah... I'm a Zeppelin whore, so to speak. I love Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin, and if you don't like them as well, then you may just want to stay outta this Blog :p It's just the one Led Zeppelin video, but any Zeppelin fan will enjoy it a lot :)
Anyway, this one is on their 2003 DVD release (you can read about it here), live from the 1975 Earl's Court show. Brilliant performance, in my opinion, but to each his own. Leave comments, please :)
Click here to watch Led Zeppelin perform Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp live.
Hope you enjoyed it (though most Zeppelin fans have probably already seen this). Until the next (cue dramatic music and voice), "UG, Video of the Day!"
: peace :
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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Europa Jam

So you've probably noticed that there's a cover of Carlos Santana's "Europa" up on my profile right now.... Let me give a bit of the story to you, so you don't say, "That sucks."
So this afternoon, I ask my dad if he wants to record Europa with me later on. He said, "Sure Brian," so I was in one of those "well alright!" kind of moods, and I was immediately setting everything up. I figured I'd do the rhythm guitar live with my dad playing lead and adding a bit of bass later on, but my brother was in the room, so I asked him, "Daniel, do you wanna play the bass on this?" So he consented to playing the bass, and I showed him what to play (I re-wrote the bass line last night because my friend Logan and I were preparing for an event later on this month and didn't have time to fuck around figuring out the old one, so we just did the new one). We set the mic up and did everything live, in maybe 3 or 4 takes. We were having a few issues with the mic placement, because I wanted to capture everything as close to evenly as possible. The Marshall amp my dad was playing through sounded all tinny and shit on all of the previous recordings, though, so we moved the mic and adjusted the amp and figured that all out and just kept that last take.
My brother doesn't have very much experience with music at all, so it was a hard time getting him to stay in time, and I was so excited that it was really difficult for me. But I've been bragging about my dad's lead playing for so long now, and here it is. It's for the most part improvised. Hope you guys enjoy it, and please, leave comments.
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