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Friday, March 30, 2012

Andy's top 16 Women (because, screw it, I need a n

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I made a blog before about women. I've decided that my tastes have changed and that I need to update these lists. The movie list will be updated as well, but first, I must update what is most necessary, as women come before anything (except men during sex, I guess).

1. A lot of these are black and white. Suck it up.
2. Don't like the order or selections? Suck it up.
3. My blog works like the prison in Arrested Development. We have a strict no touching policy.

So here we go. Since we can't have hot chicks threads, feel free to share in here if you're bored enough to read one of my blogs.

16. Edie Sedgewick
The fallen Andy Warhol star lead a troubling life but was the poster girl for the rise of artistic fashion. While her other experiments weren't as good for her life, her efforts in trying to discover herself as a visual celebrity sparked new trends, but none pulled it off more than the innocently damaged Edie.

15. Embeth Davidtz
She'd be much higher on the list if she did more promotional work or was in more, but she's particulate and serious about her job, so that's also kind of hot. Apart from her steaming South African accent, she's a great example of modesty. She has the capability to look killer but only takes advantage of this rarely (the photo provided being a great example).

14. Kelly Brook

Much of what I admire in women is a sense of mystery, especially when it comes to their body. Let's say Brook isn't much of a woman who likes to hide their body, so there goes that. There's no sense in denying that she is still quite attractive, though. She has a cute personality and piercing eyes, but alas the body is just unavoidable.

13. Janet Leigh
You wouldn't know it unless you looked it up, but Leigh had a killer body as well. However there's more to Leigh than that. She just seemed down to earth and cheerful, which definitely adds hot points not just for personality, but for looks too (attractive smiles are important, let's not forget). No wonder she always got into trouble at motels.

12. Marion Cotillard

Gotta love French accents. What I love more is a proper sense of Parisian mentality, and Cotillard has that. Great fashion sense, such class, and quite the natural beauty. Oh, and I like a lot of foreign actresses, get used to it.

11. Sofia Vergara

Speaking of which, here's another.  Such an insane body and a smoldering glare. I won't lie, I'm not too big on the accent but it's not a turn off entirely. Plus she seems like a lot of fun and she seems very bubbly. I feel sorry for her poor son.

10. Michelle Williams

Michelle is just adorable, plain and simple. She's cute with her looks, her soft spoken, polite personality, and her overall aura. However she's a beast when it comes to acting. I think that's what is the most hot about her, just knowing that big things come from small packages.

9. Winona Ryder

Yeah yeah, not everyone's favorite. Plus the whole stealing thing was a bit of a turn off. However, I like the attitude with this one. Her eyes are doe-like and look innocent, but the rest of her, from her naughty smile to her aggressive fashion sense, is just a complete turnaround. She's like a good example of a good girl gone bad. Also she has insane curves in some places. Don't believe me? Do some research, you lazy sod.

8. Amber Heard

She's got the personality of your average girl from this generation, which is ok. Look wise, she looks like a modern example of a starlet from the older days of cinema. Her eyes and smile are stunning, and she knows how to put both to good use. She doesn't seem like someone you'd want to fight with, which I guess is also kind of hot (unless you're the one she is fighting).

7. Audrey Hepburn

She is extremely talented, so let's get that out of the way. While she takes complete control of the screen in her films, her photo shoots show her in a different light. Quiet, reserved, and just very natural. She's gorgeous both on and off screen, but her ability to reach either end of the spectrum is also quite attractive.

6. Raquel Welch

Pretty much the definition of a sex symbol. She may be a diva now (and surprisingly looks great at her age), but back in the day she didn't have to try to grab our attention. Just look up some of her photo shoots and you'll see what I mean. She could be in shoots that were offensive (hung from a cross) or that were just plain weird (cowgirl with long red gloves and other weird accessories), but you'd still think nothing more than how hot this woman is.

5. Kate Winslet

One of the two first celebrities I noticed while I was "maturing", this woman just does not age. She may look a bit more mature, sure, but she doesn't age. She went from a cute every day woman to a sharp, sleek siren. Let's not forget that accent, by the way. She's not afraid to show her body either, and let's face it it isn't the best. However that ends up being hot in itself. She is courageous when it comes to her passion of acting and her dedication is admirable. I know I mentioned how I like mystery before, but it's a bit different. Brook's job as a model is to show off different clothes but to also grab our attention. Winslet's job is to act. Big difference.

4. Sophia Loren

Loren is kind of the reason why Sofia Vergara is a bit lower on the list, and it's not just because of their names. Not the same nationality, but the same personality. Also they look a bit similar. Loren just looks more magnetic, though (Vergara used to be a swimsuit model, so, again, the mystery is kind of lost, although she at least keeps her clothes on most of the time). Loren looks like that hot mom one of your friends had, but in this case they'd be from a rich neighborhood. She's very intimidating but in such an attractive way and not viciously.

3. Grace Kelly

Pure class and elegance. Kelly was just adorable when she had to be, and drop dead gorgeous at the right moments. She would be covered in expensive jewels and clothes but she never seemed full of herself. She just seemed lucky, really. She seemed thankful to be in her position. Most of all, she seemed like herself all of the time. She was just someone who got by not just on her talents, but her ability to be herself and be natural. Such poise that many lack now.

2. Natalie Portman

Screw it. I'm lazy and am using the picture my avatar is from. Portman is kind of a modern Grace Kelly. It's difficult to say that, because Kelly is an icon and Portman is still on her slow, steady rise to being the best she can be, but she too is both cute and sexy, natural, and more focused on staying true to herself than being what others expect of her. Also she's smart and very well spoken. She is the second celebrity I noticed while "maturing". Her acting is a good indication of how she works for herself. Apart from taking a break to study at Harvard, she never truly broke into character until recently, especially with Black Swan. We can only see what happens from here on.

1. Noomi Rapace

Such an adorable personality, and so easy to like. Even if she is fierce on film and in photographs, she's just a woman who seems to love life. She's also very much her own woman and not someone who is influenced by others. Apart from her gorgeous eyes and smile and her smashing fashion sense, her ability to take complete control of whatever she is a part of so easily is beautiful. Such a force on camera and so approachable off camera. She's very humanistic and very dedicated. We'll be seeing more of her, and I can't wait.

Time to fail some finals now that I've taken up a lot of time to do this for absolutely no reason. Sweet.
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LeakyFlask wrote on Nov 14th, 2012 1:10am

You know, it's funny, some years back when I first read some interview with Noomi Rapace she kinda came off as a bit of a douche. I can't really remember exactly why either, but that first impression must've faded because I really like her now.


LeakyFlask wrote on Nov 14th, 2012 1:38am

Feel like adding a few myself, in no particular order:

Jennifer Morrison: Quite possibly the prettiest face around, just melts your heart ever so slightly whenever you see her. Her departure from House was a massive bummer. She's like the embodiment of the childhood crush.

Madonna: It's just ridiculous how much flak this woman has gotten over the years, from so many different people, for so many different reasons. And even I don't necessarily love everything she's ever done (to be honest, I don't really listen to her music), but we're all only human, and she is as well, although a very strong person, it seems to me. That's what I admire about her, her tenacity, her rigidity. She really did pave her own way and she's not as easily suppressed as some people (some men) want her to be. How many other worldwide chart topping pop artists would make a photo book simply titled "Sex"?


LeakyFlask wrote on Nov 14th, 2012 1:38am

Lucy Lawless: Of course, I love Xena. And she has a way of igniting every character she portrays, seemingly effortlessly. She's also a big environmentalist and actually recently got arrested for partaking in a Greenpeace action, which made my respect-o-meter completely blow its top.

Well, that's it for now. Might add some more later. Of course, I could just make my own list but I'd rather leech off of yours, seeing as how it would probably get more views anyway!



Pagan_Poetrya wrote on Nov 14th, 2012 1:51am

Kudos, man! Massive kudos.

Madonna may look a bit wonky now but she was definitely quite gorgeous back in her heyday, and I won't lie, I totally love her music from back then ahaha. I hate her music now, but yeah, I'd go as far as to say I'm a fan of her first batch of albums. She is quite a force, and I'd even say quite a business woman. She was stronger in every single way before, but think about it, a pop singer is still doing well, despite the amount of years on her and the flak she's gotten (you think she gives a shot? Not when she's still flaunting it). Kudos to her, really.

Lucy Lawless only got hotter with age ahahaha. Jennifer Morrison is quite pretty, too.


Pagan_Poetrya wrote on Nov 14th, 2012 1:51am

I dunno what interview you watched, but Noomi's been nothing but an absolutely addictive personality in everything I've seen of hers. I think it's because she does have a bit of a "I'll do as I wish" attitude, but it never comes off as bitchy but instead just really fun to be around. She's easily one of my favorite actresses, and her work is absolutely phenomenal even if not all of her movies have been. If you haven't checked out some of her Swedish work apart from the Millennium trilogy, it's really worth it, despite some of her films being very heavy.

Thanks a lot as well! :cheers: I appreciate it, mang


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