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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

My favorite 10 guitar solos

Since this is a guitar forum, I may as well make one of these.

NOTE: For me, guitar solos don't have to always be a thousand notes a second, really fast, and all of that sports related bullshit. To me, music comes first. If it fits in the song (as a lead into it or as a climax or even if the song is just this solo, it can work) and if it sounds good and is full of carried out emotion, then chances are I will appreciate that more. However, some fast guitar solos can achieve both (and I have two on here that follow that). 

Anyways, these aren't in any order, but without further notice, here are my ten favorite guitar solos of all time (I think. I could have left something out but fuck it)

1. Television-Torn Curtain (Tom Verlaine, Richard Lloyd)

Starting out with a pummeling drum and a Tarantino-like riff (before Tarantino was even an employee at a movie house), Torn Curtain acts as this cinematic, pseudo-punk-prog masterpiece. There are two guitar solos; one in control, practiced and contained piece in the middle, and one solo that starts off the same way but ends up going out of control and spastic at the end of the song. Like a torn curtain, something stunning and appreciative gets ripped apart, exposing the true nature of the song outside of its element. Such a fantastic way to end such a guitar-driven album.

2. The Jimi Hendrix Experience-All Along the Watchtower (Jimi Hendrix)

I know. This is a very common song on most of these lists, but really, can you blame it for being on most of them? As soon as you hear the jangling chords at the beginning underneath the serpentine lick Hendrix lays down, you know you are going to go down an adventurous guitar path. As different as this cover is to Bob Dylan's original version, there is one thing Hendrix kept: The folk mentality. Most of his other solos are full of fuzz, distortion, and carnivorous attack. Not in this song. Hendrix tried a new kind of solo, trying to make the guitar tell its own story amongst Dylan's words. It never goes in for the kill until the very end, and the lead up to that throughout literally the entire song is what makes this song and solo special.

3. Brian Eno-Baby's on Fire (Robert Fripp)
Brian Eno is best known for his influential production work, but his solo albums were no laughing matter either. His first album, containing this song full of sarcastic snarl, has such an attitude. Robert Fripp, best known for his gorgeous guitar tones and intricate playing, ends up following suit under Eno's command. He does so a number of times on Eno produced tracks (David Bowie's Heroes is another example), but not quite as viciously as he does on Baby's On Fire. In fact, with Fripp's most barbaric solo, I don't think he knew when to stop. Eno starts the song singing, Fripp doesh is part and just keeps going, leaving Eno with just under a minute to wrap up the song at the end. You can almost hear Eno's shocked face as he sneaks his way back into the song, and really, I think most of us had the same reaction after hearing this solo for the first time. Just when was Fripp so damn raunchy?

4. Between the Buried and Me-White Walls (Paul Waggoner, Dustie Waring)
After an album long song, you'd expect it to be stale. It is anything but. Apart from everything else Colors has to offer, the outro soloing, consisting of Waggoner facing the tenacity of the album alone and then with Warring to accompany him. The thing that sets this band apart from most modern metal bands, and most modern bands even, is just how many influences this band is not afraid to share with us. In the ending solo(s) alone, you hear a bit of Neil Young, a bit of Weather Report, some Dream Theater, and even King Diamond. Most of their other solos try to show off just one style of music that has influenced this band, but not at the end of White Walls, with an appropriate solo to end off an appropriately named album, showing a full spectrum of guitar oriented solo work.

5. Prince-Purple Rain (Prince)
Prince is anything but humble, as we all know. Is he as big of a rock star as he makes himself out to be? To me, yes. He's extremely prolific, musically gifted, and has a stage presence like no other. His guitar solos often mimic how he sees himself and are these quick, fast paced slurs down the fret board. One that stands out, however, is the solo that ends his song and album named Purple Rain. We all know it. Once Prince finally succumbs to the fact that he is maybe not invincible, he tries to let his guitar do the talking for him. The guitar feels the same pain he feels, and, just like Prince, it cannot play an unstoppable hero for long. This is the most vulnerable Prince may ever sound, and it's captivating to hear the human side of a man who thinks he is anything but.

6. Funkadelic-Maggot Brain (Eddie Hazel)
Ah yeah, another song that ends up on most of these lists. Before there was Steve Vai or other guitar virtuosos, Hazel braved the stage and opened up a Funkadelic album essentially alone. He did so for just over ten minutes. You'd think a solo that long would sound brave, but it starts off meek and unsure of its worth. As it gets more comfortable, it explodes into an unstoppable force. Once it realizes its power, it decides to sprinkle a little bit of it all around the audial spectrum, savoring it. There are just so many ideas and emotions conveyed here in this musical monologue, it's impossible to ignore, and the fact that this kind of song opened an album when it would usually end one means Funkadelic thought the exact same way.

7. Talking Heads-The Great Curve (Adrian Belew)
Amongst rhythmic patterns and world beat mixtures, when all seems to be going well in this full-speed-ahead whirl, Belew creates this musical version of a car crash. It soars, crashes and burns with such a droning quality, looming above the rest of the celebration. Not only does he do this in the middle, but he's enough of a cynic to come back to do it again at the end of the song. Only once this audial demon comes back, it decides, hey, why crash a good thing, and instead tries to fit in, mimicking the happy finicky tones of the song. It's abrasive but it fits so damn well.

8. Steve Vai-For the Love of God (Steve Vai)
Steve Vai is the closest thing to a magician a guitar player can be without being an actual magician. He's got the look and he's got the finesse, but most importantly he has the mystery. I am not a fan of this kind of music at all, but Vai does nothing but pull me in. This song feels like a modern day Maggot Brain, experiencing the ups and downs of life and the burdens and triumphs we face, and how each of those can be blurred into one single emotion. I know this is one of his most common songs, but really, can you see why? It is never fast for the sake of being fast, and it seems more like a well textured audial painting more than it does showing off. It's an illusion recorded onto disc and distributed to us, and we are fortunate enough to hear it captured in such a way.

9. The Rolling Stones-Shine a Light (Keith Richards)
Richards is sometimes called the laziest guitar player ever, and yes, sometimes his guitar lines do seem very laid back. On Shine a Light, near the end of a double disc blues-country-jam phenomena, Richards does just that. He finally takes center stage on that album with a solo that finally says "yeah, so what?". His other solos, while being good and still captivating, never quite have the same amount of confidence and power as the one Shine a Light has. It seems very short, but it says its piece. It wails  and screams, but then subdues to a calm pant after its rage. It then works its way around the end of the song, still hiding to come out again. However, it ends up just staying amongst the shadows, leaving us to wonder what could have been. We will never know, and this open ended solo will forever leave us wondering.

10. Radiohead-The Tourist (Jonny Greenwood)
We all know Greenwood isn't the most orthodox guitar player in the world, but he doesn't have to be. Ending an album full of bizarre bloops and rings that constitute as new age guitar solos is the song The Tourist, where singer Thom Yorke begs for us to "slow down". Greenwood decides to participate, and at first shyly comes in with a miniature guitar solo that finally sounds like one we're used to. Then the song begins to end, and Greenwood returns with a slow, soothing guitar solo that slowly becomes more and more robotic sounding. The album name, sounding like a surrender to Greenwood's direction, definitely broke ground and was the first album showing Radiohead's new path in the musical world, but the first sign of Radiohead's love for the digital world was definitely through Greenwood's inability to return to tangible, organic composition, and this self discovery in The Tourist is probably his most beautiful moment yet.

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Andy's top 16 Women (because, screw it, I need a n

Current mood: bored

I made a blog before about women. I've decided that my tastes have changed and that I need to update these lists. The movie list will be updated as well, but first, I must update what is most necessary, as women come before anything (except men during sex, I guess).

1. A lot of these are black and white. Suck it up.
2. Don't like the order or selections? Suck it up.
3. My blog works like the prison in Arrested Development. We have a strict no touching policy.

So here we go. Since we can't have hot chicks threads, feel free to share in here if you're bored enough to read one of my blogs.

16. Edie Sedgewick
The fallen Andy Warhol star lead a troubling life but was the poster girl for the rise of artistic fashion. While her other experiments weren't as good for her life, her efforts in trying to discover herself as a visual celebrity sparked new trends, but none pulled it off more than the innocently damaged Edie.

15. Embeth Davidtz
She'd be much higher on the list if she did more promotional work or was in more, but she's particulate and serious about her job, so that's also kind of hot. Apart from her steaming South African accent, she's a great example of modesty. She has the capability to look killer but only takes advantage of this rarely (the photo provided being a great example).

14. Kelly Brook

Much of what I admire in women is a sense of mystery, especially when it comes to their body. Let's say Brook isn't much of a woman who likes to hide their body, so there goes that. There's no sense in denying that she is still quite attractive, though. She has a cute personality and piercing eyes, but alas the body is just unavoidable.

13. Janet Leigh
You wouldn't know it unless you looked it up, but Leigh had a killer body as well. However there's more to Leigh than that. She just seemed down to earth and cheerful, which definitely adds hot points not just for personality, but for looks too (attractive smiles are important, let's not forget). No wonder she always got into trouble at motels.

12. Marion Cotillard

Gotta love French accents. What I love more is a proper sense of Parisian mentality, and Cotillard has that. Great fashion sense, such class, and quite the natural beauty. Oh, and I like a lot of foreign actresses, get used to it.

11. Sofia Vergara

Speaking of which, here's another.  Such an insane body and a smoldering glare. I won't lie, I'm not too big on the accent but it's not a turn off entirely. Plus she seems like a lot of fun and she seems very bubbly. I feel sorry for her poor son.

10. Michelle Williams

Michelle is just adorable, plain and simple. She's cute with her looks, her soft spoken, polite personality, and her overall aura. However she's a beast when it comes to acting. I think that's what is the most hot about her, just knowing that big things come from small packages.

9. Winona Ryder

Yeah yeah, not everyone's favorite. Plus the whole stealing thing was a bit of a turn off. However, I like the attitude with this one. Her eyes are doe-like and look innocent, but the rest of her, from her naughty smile to her aggressive fashion sense, is just a complete turnaround. She's like a good example of a good girl gone bad. Also she has insane curves in some places. Don't believe me? Do some research, you lazy sod.

8. Amber Heard

She's got the personality of your average girl from this generation, which is ok. Look wise, she looks like a modern example of a starlet from the older days of cinema. Her eyes and smile are stunning, and she knows how to put both to good use. She doesn't seem like someone you'd want to fight with, which I guess is also kind of hot (unless you're the one she is fighting).

7. Audrey Hepburn

She is extremely talented, so let's get that out of the way. While she takes complete control of the screen in her films, her photo shoots show her in a different light. Quiet, reserved, and just very natural. She's gorgeous both on and off screen, but her ability to reach either end of the spectrum is also quite attractive.

6. Raquel Welch

Pretty much the definition of a sex symbol. She may be a diva now (and surprisingly looks great at her age), but back in the day she didn't have to try to grab our attention. Just look up some of her photo shoots and you'll see what I mean. She could be in shoots that were offensive (hung from a cross) or that were just plain weird (cowgirl with long red gloves and other weird accessories), but you'd still think nothing more than how hot this woman is.

5. Kate Winslet

One of the two first celebrities I noticed while I was "maturing", this woman just does not age. She may look a bit more mature, sure, but she doesn't age. She went from a cute every day woman to a sharp, sleek siren. Let's not forget that accent, by the way. She's not afraid to show her body either, and let's face it it isn't the best. However that ends up being hot in itself. She is courageous when it comes to her passion of acting and her dedication is admirable. I know I mentioned how I like mystery before, but it's a bit different. Brook's job as a model is to show off different clothes but to also grab our attention. Winslet's job is to act. Big difference.

4. Sophia Loren

Loren is kind of the reason why Sofia Vergara is a bit lower on the list, and it's not just because of their names. Not the same nationality, but the same personality. Also they look a bit similar. Loren just looks more magnetic, though (Vergara used to be a swimsuit model, so, again, the mystery is kind of lost, although she at least keeps her clothes on most of the time). Loren looks like that hot mom one of your friends had, but in this case they'd be from a rich neighborhood. She's very intimidating but in such an attractive way and not viciously.

3. Grace Kelly

Pure class and elegance. Kelly was just adorable when she had to be, and drop dead gorgeous at the right moments. She would be covered in expensive jewels and clothes but she never seemed full of herself. She just seemed lucky, really. She seemed thankful to be in her position. Most of all, she seemed like herself all of the time. She was just someone who got by not just on her talents, but her ability to be herself and be natural. Such poise that many lack now.

2. Natalie Portman

Screw it. I'm lazy and am using the picture my avatar is from. Portman is kind of a modern Grace Kelly. It's difficult to say that, because Kelly is an icon and Portman is still on her slow, steady rise to being the best she can be, but she too is both cute and sexy, natural, and more focused on staying true to herself than being what others expect of her. Also she's smart and very well spoken. She is the second celebrity I noticed while "maturing". Her acting is a good indication of how she works for herself. Apart from taking a break to study at Harvard, she never truly broke into character until recently, especially with Black Swan. We can only see what happens from here on.

1. Noomi Rapace

Such an adorable personality, and so easy to like. Even if she is fierce on film and in photographs, she's just a woman who seems to love life. She's also very much her own woman and not someone who is influenced by others. Apart from her gorgeous eyes and smile and her smashing fashion sense, her ability to take complete control of whatever she is a part of so easily is beautiful. Such a force on camera and so approachable off camera. She's very humanistic and very dedicated. We'll be seeing more of her, and I can't wait.

Time to fail some finals now that I've taken up a lot of time to do this for absolutely no reason. Sweet.
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

I had a dream

Current mood: tired

Nothing to do with Martin Luther King 

Anyways I had a dream that I went to see Titanic 3D in theaters. I don't know why because I don't plan to.

So the movie starts, and I'm in this balcony seat with a bunch of people. It's this intense opening with African music and violins, and I get up out of my seat because it moves me so much. I notice I'm making an ass out of myself, so I pretend to "thrust" when the music starts getting intense and everybody laughs. They think it was on purpose, and I got away with it. I sat down.

The African music ends, and our main character Jack is... bearded with glasses. He's middle aged. He is limping with a cane and he visits Rose at a court house. She's a lawyer and she has a big case to solve. Oh, Rose is fat and middle aged. Jack starts crying and hugs Rose, and we see his back story.

He was in world war II (clearly happened before the Titanic sunk, right? Um...) and he got shot in the lower back and was paralyzed. He somehow relearned how to walk. This moment of the film makes everyone in the theater cry. Oh, and the lights were on in the theater the entire time.

So then Jack says he's going to go on the Titanic and Rose said "NO I'LL GO WITH YOU" for no particular reason.

So they get on the Titanic and they get off to go to the dinosaur museum. The screen told us to put our 3d glasses on at this point, so we all do, and the dinosaur bones pop out at us.

Then I woke up.

Something is wrong with me.
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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Top 11 SGs

Current mood: drunk like a russian

I'm bored. I have homework. Let's do this.

Top 11 Suicide Girls models
One extra won't hurt

11: Asbury
She looks a bit like Bilinda Butcher, and that never hurts

10: Cia
She looks like a girl that gets shit done, and that's always attractive

9: Smash
If the Mario Kart track Rainbow Road was a person, it'd look like this. Just like the course, she throws me off track.

8: Nena
The woman's raunchy as all hell. Raunchiness means Ten points to Gryffendor.

7: Lumo
She's ripped and looks like she can beat the shit out of a car whilst looking feminine and pretty. Can you say happy death?

6: Nekrofelia
I don't know why she chose that as her name. Maybe because her mother said "You're becoming a suicide girls model? You're fucking dead!" 

5: Zoli
I do not know what this name means. Sounds like some kind of disease. A sexy disease, though.

Who names themselves after a greedy record label? I bet Warner Music and Roadrunner aren't as cute, though

3: Aisline
Sounds like Vaseline but she isn't. Adorable much?

2: Jane Doe
Her name is after one of my favorite albums. She has another Converge reference-a tattoo of You Fail Me on her stomach. All I can say is dayuuum

1: Gogo
Her name makes no sense, unless she was inspired by the theme music to the Power Rangers. Oh yeah, and she's gorgeous as hell and she tops the list. Don't question me.
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Thursday, January 14, 2010


When other businesses need 500+ people to make a list of ten, anDy by himself makes a list of


Shall we begin?

50.Little Miss Sunshine (2006)
49.Insomnia (2002)
48.The Incredibles (2004)
47.Hott Fuzz (2007)
46.Road To Perdition (2002)
45.Traffic (2000)
44.Pirates Of The Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl (2003)
43.Lost In Translation (2003)
42.Gone Baby Gone (2007)
41.28 Days Later (2002)
40.Catch Me If You Can (2002)
39.Donnie Darko (2001)
38.Doubt (2008)
37.Atonement (2007)
36. A Beautiful Mind (2001)
35.Shaun Of The Dead (2004)
34.Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street (2007)
33.Gladiator (2000)
31.Last King Of Scotland (2006)

30.The Wrestler (2008)
29.Mulholland Drive (2001)
28.Eastern Promises (2007)
27.Finding Neverland (2004)
26.Slumdog Millionaire (2008)
25.Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (2000)
24.Crash (2005)
23.Avatar (2009)
22.Monster (2003)
21.Gangs Of New York (2002)

20.La Vie En Rose (2007)
19.Inglourious Basterds (2009)
18.Hotel Rwanda (2004)
17.Million Dollar Baby (2004)
16.Finding Nemo (2003)
15.Dark Knight (2008)
14.The Aviator (2004)
13.Big Fish (2003)
12.The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford (2007)
11.Brokeback Mountain (2005)

10.Pan's Labyrinth (2006)
9.Mystic River (2003)
8.Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (2004)
7.The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (2008)
6.Lord Of The Rings:Return Of The King (2003)

5.There Will Be Blood (2007)
4.The Departed (2006)
3.Memento (2000)
2.No Country For Old Men (2007)

1.The Pianist (2002)


1. Daniel-Day Lewis-Daniel Plainview (There Will Be Blood)
2. Adrien Brody-Władysław Szpilman (The Pianist)
3. Leonardo DiCaprio-Howard Hughes (The Aviator)
4. Javier Bardem-Anton Chigurh (No Country For Old Men)
5. Phillip Seymour Hoffman-Truman Capote (Capote)
6. Forest Whitaker-Idi Amin (Last King Of Scotland)
7. Heath Ledger-The Joker (Dark Knight)
8. Sean Penn-Jimmy Markum (Mystic River)
9. Johnny Depp-J. M. Barrie (Finding Neverland)
10.Viggo Mortensen-Nikolai Luzhin (Eastern Promises)

1. Charlize Theron-Aileen Wuornos (Monster)
2. Marion Cotillard-Edith Piaf (La Vie En Rose)
3. Kate Winslet-Hanna Schmitz (The Reader)
4. Cate Blanchett-Katherine Hepburn (The Aviator)
5. Hilary Swank-Maggie Fitzgerald (Million Dollar Baby)
6. Meryl Streep-Sister Aloysius (Doubt)
7. Jennifer Connelly-Alicia Nash (A Beautiful Mind)
8. Nicole Kidman-Virginia Wolf (The Hours)
9. Natalie Portman-Alice Ayres (Closer)
10.Angelina Jolie-Christine Collins (Changeling)


5. Danny Boyle
4. Tim Burton
3. Cristopher Nolan
2. Martin Scorsese
1. Clint Eastwood

Here's to a new decade of great movies

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Saturday, January 09, 2010


I'll be working on a top-of-the-decade shebang, but first off I want to get this out of the way.
The Academy Awards are, for the first time since around the 70's I believe, having ten pictures up for the best picture award. This got me thinking: Which ten movies of the year would I like to see win (or at least nominated)? I don't feel that all of the following deserve a win, but that's why there is only one winner right? So, here are my:

Top Ten Movies
                         OF 2009

10. Public Enemies

Public Enemies is a movie that isn't for those with short attention spans. If you don't have one, then this movie is brilliant. It is a bit drawn out, but I love the fact that the main focus is on John Dillinger's life as opposed to just his escapades (similar to the movie The Assassination Of Jesse James with the titular role). With wonderful acting by Johnny Depp and Marion Cotillard, Enemies is more of a dramatic film than an action one, but don't be alarmed. The few action scenes are extremely captivating and memorable.
9. The Road

With No Country For Old Men doing so well, The Road had much promise (written by the same author, Cormac McCarthy). Wanting a movie with a warm, gradually landing ending? Won't find that here. Incredible acting? You bet. Just keep an open mind and try to not think of this as a start-finish movie and it will be very rewarding. Also a great movie for movie nerds, as, like No Country, you can play a great game of "Find-The-Metaphor" with The Road, as there are many, thus making this film even more beautiful (in a bitter-sweet sense, of course).
8. The Hangover

Hilarity will ensue. Well, of course. Three men that can't remember a single thing from the night before and they can't find their soon-to-be-married friend. That alone promises for a laugh fest. However, would a movie that is sure to be hilarious be good? You know, the plot and character development still matter. So, would The Hangover still be good? The answer is a definite yes. Not only is the laughter always spewing out of the audience, but they get drawn to the characters and their shenanigans. A well done comedy that is not only funny each repeated viewing, it is also appreciated just the same.
7. Up In The Air

George Clooney has done a lot in 2009. The iffy Men Who Stare At Goats, and the surprisingly wonderful Fantastic Mr. Fox come to mind. Then there is Up In The Air, the simplest movie of his this year (in terms of concept, anyways). But what is left as simple is turned into thought provoking when Up In The Air begs the audience to question ethics and morality. With well done directing and editing, and charming performances and tons of comic relief (balanced out by engaging drama), Up In The Air is a feel good movie that still leaves the audience with their brain cells.
6. District 9

What a deceiving movie. The trailers made District 9 seem like a good movie, but nothing near what it really was. Extremely grappling. Once the movie picks up its pace, it never slows down (true Peter Jackson magic, as usual). With combined elements of science fiction and political statements, the movie pleases both sci fi fans and, again, the movie nerds that try to analyze anything (I keep bringing them up, but I am one of them). Similar to The Road, the movie is a bit open and shouldn't be viewed as a start-finish movie either, but apart from that, sit back and enjoy!
5. Up

Oh, Pixar. Always giving us extremely absurd plots to doubt you with until the movie comes out. I mean, a chef rat? A missing deformed clown fish? And now, an old man in a flying house? As usual, Pixar's amazing gift of storytelling has kicked me in the ass yet again. Only Pixar could make such a premise so beautiful. The best part is, as usual with Pixar, the movie is both very entertaining for kids and engaging for adults, as the movie gives off a different feel for both age groups. How does Pixar manage to successfully target two audiences at once? I'm not sure, but I can't wait to see what they come out with next.
4. Invictus

Clint Eastwood is, without a question, one of the best directors of our time, after being one of the best actors of another generation. Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela is a match made in casting heaven, as you often forget that you're watching the same man that drove Miss Daisy and played God. Matt Damon's brilliant gift of picking up on accents with a spot-on accuracy also helps, as he plays the captain of the South African rugby team. With a pretty obvious outcome, Clint Eastwood still manages to make the movie worth it by emotionally connecting the audience to no end. Prepare yourselves for something extraordinarily beautiful.
3. The Hurt Locker

The Hurt Locker is one of the few modern war movies done right, and the best of this year for sure (there's a difference between a movie about a war and a movie that has a war in it, as you'll see later on). This movie manages to not fully throw the whole "sympathy for a soldier" concept at the audience, as it treats us with far more intelligence than that. They know that we are sympathetic for the soldiers away from home. Instead, they treat us with many dangerous, hair raising situations that make us feel more appreciative of the soldiers instead of sad. Another emotionally gripping movie, you will feel happy and sad at many points in this movie.
2. Avatar

This movie probably has the best created world of the year, if not the decade (tough battle with Middle Earth). In terms of special effects, Avatar is very well innovative and as incredible as everyone says. But how is the story? The story line is pretty straight forward. But what James Cameron does is he adds twists and turns within scenes to turn a story that is straight forward into entertaining and plausible. Once you are pulled into Cameron's creation, that is Pandora, you will never want to leave. With a world that pulls the audience so much, emotional connection towards characters and events are easily followed. Avatar will be remembered as something truly magnificent, and if this movie ends up being known as one of the best of this year (or even the decade), I shall agree without any doubt.
1. Inglourious Basterds

What a mesmerizing movie. Tarantino has done it again. Finally, a movie that stands up to his other masterpiece, Pulp Fiction. Not as much action as most of his other movies, but that is completely fine. Instead, we have far more dialogue and intellectual concepts going around. Of course, Tarantino's dark use of comic-relief is always there, and the emotionally intense scenes are still there too. This movie has everything. One minute you're crying. The next, you're laughing. Most of this can be attributed to not only Tarantino's great gift for directing, but to the acting of The Jew Hunter himself, Cristoph Waltz. How can you love someone you have such an anger towards? By terrific acting, of course. Speaking four languages fluently in the movie, you will go into the movie wanting to see Brad Pitt (who also does a fine job), and you will come out seeing Waltz as the focal point of the movie. Again, this movie has everything, and it is one that will be remembered as Tarantino's second masterpiece, making Inglourious Basterds the best movie of 2009.


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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Andy's top eleven attractive women

...Do I need an elaborate introduction? Ok yeah. I'm procrastinating for an essay... So here...

                          Top Eleven Attractive Women

11: Sophia Bush

Very cute and she is the typical "girl-next-door". The original meaning of that, however, as in the innocent, funny, smiley girl, not the bastardized promiscuous version we use today.

10: Francine Boucher

If I were to ever use the cliche metaphor of a woman having the "body of a stallion",  Echoes Of Eternity's Francine Boucher has that.

9: Audrey Hepburn

I have a huge liking for women from the 50s, 60s and 70s (you'll see it pop up again later). A woman that can be so easily classified as the best example of pretty in an elegant, artsy sense.

8: Joan Jett

How can someone with such a delicate face be such a badass? I'm not quite sure, but Joan pulls it off. She also suffers from Benjamin Button disease, as she actually has started looking younger and hotter now than she did in the 90's. Sweet!

7: Kat Von D

Kat seems to be trying to be a modern 50's pin up model. That doesn't mean she should stop trying. She is also a very sweet hearted person, which rounds off the attractiveness. I should know.

6: Edie Sedgwick

It's a shame poor Edie went down that chaotic road, as she was quite an idol for beauty and fashion for the underground, and even today we have people that try to pull off her gorgeousness.

5: Diora Baird

Not exactly in the greatest of movies, the only good film she has been in is the newest Star Trek movie, and for God sakes she was green. That aside, Diora is too big of a tease with a naughty but innocent face to overlook.

4: Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett is graciously stunning with a naturally captivating smile and an effortless charm. Her purity is worth noting.

3: Natalie Portman

Natalie is adorable in every sense, yet she can go from being cute to fiercely gorgeous whenever she needs to. Also, it's worth mentioning that it is extremely difficult to pull of looking beautiful bald.

2: Cristina Scabbia

A woman who has many looks, and yet all of them are stunning. As well as being attractive and having a fantastic voice in Lacuna Coil, she is very generous and connected with her fans (I've had a few conversations with her. Very sweet). Also, something about her screams intimidation, and that is always good.

1: Jennifer Love Hewitt

I am aware that many will disagree. Maybe it's because I discovered her when I was "maturing"? I'm not sure, but something about being fun, silly and cute, and yet sexy and hot at the same time is very appealing. That and she has a very contagious laugh, and her being overly happy is adorable.

I'm aware I'm missing quite a few like Kate Winslet, Keira Knightly and a ton of Asian chicks, but I'm too lazy at the moment.

Ok time to do my essay and shit. Or go back and f*ck around in the pit. See I can rhyme if I ever wanted to. It doesn't help that I am an imbecile.
Shit, almost had it...

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Best Of 2009 (part 2, the rest got cut off)

5. Mastodon-Crack The Skye (March 24)

                                 *As Mastodon used to be quite a heavy, sludgy band, this album is far from that. It is, however, their most complex album musically, and also their most creative. The band has decided to focus more on their progressive side rather than their metal side this time (don't worry, there are still some heavy moments), as they invite you to travel into the walls of their ethereal concept album. Prepare to be taken on a wild ride (as Mastodon usually take you on) as you not only experience a well written story but an overall masterpiece. Mastodon show yet again that they never cease to amaze us.
Top Songs: The Last Baron, Oblivion
For Fans Of: Baroness, Gojira

4. Baroness-Blue Record (October 13)

                                 *Baroness always had a knack for writing entire albums that feel as if they are meant to be played as a whole (hence the names Red Album and Blue Record, I assume). Blue Record is a gorgeous album that can be considered a modern day metal version of an old collection of sailor songs. From the usual sludge metal, to magnificent acoustic and folk guitars on top of crashing waves,Baroness are sure to wow audiences a second time in a row.
Top Songs: Swollen and Halo, O'er Hell and Hide
For Fans Of: Clutch, Mastodon

3. The Horrors-Primary Colours (April 21)

                                 *Going from catchy garage-rock to mind blowing shoegaze, The Horrors have gone back to their roots. Or so it seems. They manage to achieve the shoegaze affect so well, that they set your brain back and forth gears as you drone in and out with the guitars. An album that is sure to put The Horrors on the map, Primary Colours is, what it is named, The Horrors going back to basics and combining all of their basics into one vivid astrological adventure, making this the best rock album of 2009.
Top Songs: Sea Within A Sea, Three Decades
For Fans Of: My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus And Mary Chain

2. Converge-Axe To Fall (October 20)

                                 *How can a band that is so highly regarded in the hardcore scene please its fans? By creating an equal to that band's magnum opus. Easier said than done, but Converge never took the easy way anyways. Axe To Fall is an album that has the same brutality and mind-stabbing intensity we are all used to, but with its collection of guest musicians and progressive experimentation, it becomes an unforgettable release where each song has its own purpose.
Top Songs: Dead Beat, Dark Horse
For Fans Of: The Red Chord, Ghengis Tron

1. Between The Buried And Me-The Great Misdirect (October 27)

                                  *I guess September and October were great months for music this year. With that being said, what can be said about The Great Misdirect? I personally don't feel this is an album. It is something more vivid and more breathtaking. It is an album that many either anticipated or doubted: An equal or better album than Colors, Between The Buried And Me's previous album. Similar to Mastodon, BTBAM seem to take a more progressive approach without completely losing the metal mentality. While Colors was phenomenal but very diverse in genres, The Great Misdirect is actually a more direct (no pun intended) approach, creating a very pleasing aura for the listener, which is why it is the best album of 2009.
Top Songs: Swim To The Moon, Obfuscation
For Fans Of: Opeth, Dream Theater

It's been a great year, and I hope for more amazing music next year.
Till then,
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Friday, November 20, 2009

20 Best Albums Of 2009

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It's that time of year everyone.
         Top 20 Albums Of The Year '09 Edition

This year was one of the toughest yet. Way too many albums that I loved had to be cut loose, and the honorable mentions don't even begin to show that (I didn't want to make a top 20 honorable mentions list. Too much time)
So on that topic, New rule:
-Honorable Mentions at the start. Yeah, I said it. Gets the wait for certain albums out of the way.

And here they are, these aforementioned Honorable Mentions

-Anaal Nathrakh-Constellations Of The Black Widow
-The Black Dahlia Murder-Deflorate
-Muse-The Resistance

For people new to my annual list (UG Users: this means all of you that read this), each album has a very short summary and these two:
1) Top Songs: Just a personal opinion. Mainly meant to be songs for the reader to check out if they are interested and are wanting to check out the album.
2) For Fans Of: Okay these won't make sense 100% of the time, but I try. Generally to recommend the album for fans of the listed bands, and also bands for fans of that album to check out.

Now that that's out of the way, onto the list we go:

20. Chthonic-Mirror Of Retribution        (August 10)

                               *A fantastic mixture of oriental cultural instruments and extreme metal, Chthonic take a more user-friendly approach with Mirrors of Retribution, but still manage to grab you by the neck.
Top Songs: Unlimited Taiwan, Venom In My Veins
For Fans Of: Dimmu Borgir, Cradle Of Filth

19. The Red Chord-Fed Through The Teeth Machine (October 27)

               *Faster than before, and far more progressive and technical, The Red Chord take no prisoners with the Teeth Machine. If you are new to Red Chord and want to hear a more melodic release, refer back to Prey For Eyes. If you wanted a more In-Your-Face, balls out massacre, please refer to this album by the best in Deathcore.
Top Songs: Ingest The Ash, Demoralizer
For Fans Of: Job For A Cowboy, Whitechapel

18. Dethklok-The Dethalbum II
(September 29)

                                *The heaviest cartoon band in the world just got more serious... Somehow. The lyrics are still random and jokey, but the music on Dethklok's second album has become far more cohesive, and for a band of two people (Brendon Small and Gene Hoglan), they sure do a damn good job. Far more intense, Dethalbum II is a tv show soundtrack far from novelty... Again, somehow.
Top Songs: Volcano, Dethsupport
For Fans Of: Death, The Black Dahlia Murder

17. Lights-The Listening (September 22)

                                 *What I like to call soft rock for heavy-music listeners: Lights, although being extremely mellow and spiritual-sounding, manages to creep her way into the hearts of many of us. If this is the future of pop, maybe the future of it isn't so bad after all. Definitely a talent to watch.
Top Songs: February Air, The Listening
For Fans Of: Coldplay, Death Cab For Cutie

16. Every Time I Die-New Junk Aesthetic (September 15)

                                  *Southern Metalcore sweethearts ETID are at it again, only this time they have put much more thought into their music. Their music was always great, but on Aesthetic, it seems more thoughtfully written, as more soundscapes are ventured into, and more diversity is strewn together. Definitely one of their best.
Top Songs: Wanderlust, Roman Holiday
For Fans Of: Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster, Drop Dead Gorgeous

15. Isis-Wavering Radiant (April 21)

                                 *Isis have always kept a similar, relaxing but determinative approach, and Wavering Radiant is no different. However, they always spice up each album to make them separate from each other, and Wavering Radiant is, again, no different. With electronic sounds and a nighttime-like timbre, this album is heavy enough to get to your soul but relaxing enough to put a baby to sleep. A great experiment of the both, as Isis have always perfected.
Top Songs: Threshold Of Transformation, Hand Of The Host
For Fans Of: Neurosis, Jesu

14. AFI-Crash Love (September 29)

                                 *AFI on their two previous albums, Decemberunderground and Sing The Sorrow, were known for breaking out of their hardcore-punk stage and into experimenting with a darker, more experimental style which those two albums have become known for. So what do they do on their latest release, Crash Love? You guessed it. Straight up rock. Wait what? Yeah. Crash Love is nothing but feel good rock. I don't think AFI were trying to top any of their albums, as much as create a whole different feel, which they have achieved well. Never thought I'd have a recent AFI album on my happy playlist, but there you go.
Top Songs: It Was Mine, Beautiful Thieves
For Fans Of: Rise Against, Billy Talent

13. Porcupine Tree-The Incident (September 14)

                                *How does 2007's winner of the top slot make a better album than before? By experimenting with not only an hour plus song, but an extra four mini songs. If the hour-long song is daunting, try getting a copy with the first song cut up into its various parts, as this is one progressive-rock opera you do not want to miss out on. Porcupine Tree prove to be one of the best progressive bands of our time yet again.
Top Songs: I Drive The Hearse (The Incident), Bonnie The Cat
For Fans Of: Dream Theater, Tool

12. Dark Castle-Spirited Migration (May 26)

                                 * In the 60s, we had flower-power music and long hair and weed. Nowadays, we have the hair and weed still, but now we have... Dark Castle. While it isn't the happiest form of very-environmentally happy music (if I dare call it Hippie music), Dark Castle is one Earth-loving duo that, instead of showing you the beauty in the wind, show you the heaviness of a rockslide. A doom band to keep an eye on: Dark Castle are anything but hard to listen to or boring. Also led by one of the most vicious women in the music scene (she can play a mean guitar too).
Top Songs: Into The Past, Grasping The Awe
For Fans Of: High On Fire, The Sword

11. The Mars Volta-Octahedron (June 23)

                                 *Last year's winners The Mars Volta decided to create their version of a soft-rock progressive album. With poetic and relaxed vocals (which are mostly manic on their other releases) on top of jazzy, funky, yet atmospheric instruments, Octahedron is The Mars Volta's easiest to listen to album yet. Despite this, they are still in no way ordinary, which is fantastic news for most Mars Volta fans.
Top Songs: Desperate Graves, Halo Of Nembutals
For Fans Of: John Frusciante, Boris

10. Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker-Questamation (March 9)

                                     *With what seems to be a strange combination of genres on paper (grunge and electronica), USS sound like nothing but a disaster. With their nothing-but-brilliant EP last year (Welding The C://), USS are back with their first full length. For those of you with a loss of faith in the electronic music department, give this album a whirl. It's not one you will want to play only once.
Top Songs: Neurochemical Warfare Gas Masquarade, Man Makes The Zoo
For Fans Of: Prodigy, Nine Inch Nails

9. Behemoth-Evangelion (August 7)

                                 *The leaders of blackened-death metal are back at it again, and are better than ever. Instead of relying to be faster than their previous release again, they decided that slower paces can be ok, and Evangelion proves this. Some of the best songwriting Behemoth have come up with yet, this album replaces speed and mechanics with soul-channeling epics.
Top Songs: He Who Breeds Pestilence, Ov Fire And The Void
For Fans Of: Belphegor, Nile

8. Julian Casablancas-Phrazes For The Young (October 30)

                                *The Strokes' frontman, Julian, has decided to outlet his love for electronic rock on his debut solo album, and also takes advantage of this to showcase his many musical talents. He explores different vocal styles and ranges from his usual crooning (that we know and love), and manages to pull us into his world of songwriting excellence. For those awaiting a new Strokes album, this solo effort should by no means disappoint to keep you happy for now (and for a very long time, in fact).
Top Songs: Tourist, River Of Breaklights
For Fans Of: Gary Numan, Death Cab For Cutie

7. Echoes Of Eternity-As Shadows Burn (September 22)

                                 *Having a clean vocalist in a progressive metal band that doesn't over-sing can be hard to find, especially a female singer. Echoes Of Eternity caught onto the idea on their first album, Forgotten Goddess, but on As Shadows Burn, they have perfected it. All of the instruments, vocals included, are balanced (including an instrumental outro song which still seems to be perfectly fit into the mix because of this), and no parts are ever boring. Plus, with the gothic and symphonic style, the added progressive touch is always nice, setting Echoes apart from most bands like them.
Top Songs: Descent Of A Blackened Soul, Letalis Deus
For Fans Of: Within Temptation, The Gathering

6. Animal Collective-Merriweather Post Pavilion (January 6)

                                 *Man, 2009 was good for electronic rock music, and Animal Collective are no exception. With their Beach Boys harmonized vocals on top of an electronic borealis, what starts off as a very chaotic album eventually blends into perfect symphony over time. It's puzzling to try to figure out how they managed to combine yet so many sounds and make them sound well. It's hard to describe this album without using the word "beautiful".
Top Songs: Also Frightened, My Girls
For Fans Of: Radiohead, MGMT

5. Mastodon-Crack The Skye
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

anDy's 10 favorite movies (not that you want to re

My top ten favorite movies, not that any of you asked/care: I am simply bored.



Taxi Driver (1976)

Taxi Driver is one of the best cinematic examples of portraying character development, and it does so with such an odd case. Rather than showing the typical "hero-who-gets-stronger", Travis Bickle (De Niro) goes from an introvert who is overlooked (so he feels) who corrupts into a psychopath that feels that the world is against him and that he needs to create a change within it. One of Scorcesse's finest films, you will find more emotionally connected to Bickle than you wish to be.


Rosemary's Baby

A horror movie that proves that seeing-every-last-bloody-detail doesn't always make a better horror movie. Roman Polanksi's use of hiding many elements in this classic truly cause the audience to question (which, in return causes the audience to identify to their own horrors). Rosemary (Mia Farrow) and her husband Guy (John Cassavettes) move into a new apartment to start a fresh life as newly weds... or so she thinks. Rosemary begins to learn more than she can handle about why she is truly in the neighborhood she is in. For those very lucky few that do not know the twist, I will save that for you to find out.


Finding Neverland (2004)

A movie I find to be very underrated, Finding Neverland explores a stage in the life of James M Barrie (played by Johnny Depp), most famously known for his play Peter Pan. The movie follows Barrie's creative process whilst coming up with Peter Pan, which involved his development of a platonic love towards a woman named Sylvia (Kate Winslet) and her sons. From an issue with being a new father-figure, to the troubles of rumors being passed around about James' and Sylvia's relationship, to a tragic turn of events, Finding Neverland is both saddening yet rewarding in its absolute magnificence and its spectacular view into the human imagination. First movie on this list I suggest you bring a box of tissues for.


Suspiria (1977)

An Italian horror flick by mind-f*ck mastermind Dario Argento, Suspiria is actually the last movie to ever be done in Technicolor (a useless trivial fact you can use if your date is a horror movie buff). The movie is based on a series of paranormal and diabolical events that take place at an all girl dance boarding school. Suzy (Jessica Harper) is a newcomer to the school, and she is soon to find out there is a bigger price to pay than just being a "newcomer". If you're willing to have your brain picked at for an hour and a half, and if you're up for very artistic-yet-disturbing scenes (including the signature scene near the very beginning, you'll see what I mean), then this movie is a must.


The Piano (1993)

The Piano is a romantic movie created by Jane Campion. The story depicts a mute Scotswoman named Ada (Holly Hunter). She is forced to move to New Zealand with her daughter/sign language translator (Anna Paquin) to marry a wealthy man of the area they are to arrive at (played by Sam Neill). An issue arrives when Ada's prized possession, her piano, is left at the beach in which they arrived at. I shall not say more, for this is probably one of the best romantic movies (in my opinion, of course). It is much more than just a love story: In fact, it is actually a pretty heavy movie. Accompanied by a magnificent soundtrack (crafted by Michael Nyman and played by Holly herself), The Piano is another movie that you'll want your box of tissues for. That, and expect a lot more than your typical happy-ending romance shtick.


There Will Be Blood

A movie that will truly make you feel a hatred towards certain types of businessmen, There Will Be Blood is a brilliantly told story of how someone can become so corrupted over the want for money. Daniel Plainview (Daniel-Day Lewis, imagine how hard finding his lines in the script was ) starts off with essentially nothing, until he strikes an area that has oil. Using his newly found cash-plan, the movie progresses along with Daniel's technological advances as he faces varying personal issues that truly test if he is civil or truly a monster. My favorite Daniel Day-Lewis role is hands down My Left Foot (another movie to check out), but in terms of movies, this one takes the cake.


Raging Bull (1980)

Another Scorcesse-De Niro effort, Raging Bull is, also, another great example of character development, but in a different way. De Niro replicates the boxing great Jake LaMotta in this movie that shows how a man on top can sink to the bottom so quickly. The movie has a nice "classic" feel to it with most of the movie being shown in black and white. Like most Scorcesse movies, disturbing sequences are often lightened up a bit with the use of completely absurd insults. Raging Bull is a movie that truly gets better with each viewing.


The Shining (1980)

A movie that most are familiar with through various culture-references (in particular, Family Guy), The Shining isn't quite Kubrick's best film (A Clockwork Orange takes that prize), but it is a personal favorite, hence why I prefer it. While it doesn't feel as coherently written as Orange, The Shining is made much better with its discordance of any sense. Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) displays one of the worst cases of Cabin Fever, as he and his family watch over a winter lodge for the winter (thdurr?) as a business obligation. Sanity and all sense of what is real are questioned shortly after as The Shining becomes a complete dive into the mind of a completely deranged individual. While Orange has a more memorable and beneficial storyline, The Shining is a movie I personally feel is better due to its complete disorientation. Orange shall be on my honorable mentions.


The Pianist (2002)

No, I do not have a thing for piano movies: Leave me alone. The Pianist is, what I feel to be, the best movie based on the second world war and its effects (with Schindler's List as a close second). Wladyslaw Szpilman (which for this article I'll refer to as Adrien Brody to save my fingers) is a Polish-Jewish piano player that, like most of his family and friends (if not, all), experiences a life completely shattered by the war and the uprising of the Nazi movement. Another movie that requires a tissue box, The Pianist is extremely powerful and it does not cut corners. Another Roman Polanski great, The Pianist is a test of emotions that will surely be remembered throughout the years as a masterpiece.


Edward Scissorhands (1990)

Edward Scissorhands has a very straightforward message: Nothing is what it seems, and nothing should be judged. Hell, even the promotional posters and whatnot make Scissorhands to appear to be a frightening movie, but in reality it is actually a very phantasmagorical fairy tale told through the eyes of hollywood mad man Tim Burton. Edward (Johnny Depp) is taken out of his place of comfort (his isolated mansion) and is brought into the suburban world. Whilst staying with a family, he develops a love for the girl of the family Kim (Winona Ryder). The movie is a great experiment on how someone who cannot experience touch can still feel a connection, and everything from the amazing visuals to Danny Elfman's tear-jerking soundtrack (yes, another tissue box movie) create an incredible mature fairy tale that will take up a place in various hearts, such as mine, thus why it is my favorite movie.

Ok I shall go to bed now. I have to be up in 5 hours. *@(*#&
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