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Wednesday, May 10, 1950

Why School(s) Suck

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I just came upon this realization, as why school sucks, while reading another blog.
Kids aren't supposed to propose ideas anymore, and kids aren't supposed to learn what they need.
We are spoonfed what the board of education thinks we need to learn, and we will never use this information. We are in school to test, not to learn for the future. 
My teachers could care less if we learn what we are supposed to, whether we gather it, and whether we do well in class. It seems my teachers are now here to trip me up. My math teacher puts stuff we have not learned on our tests, just to fuck with us. My chemistry teacher is a terrible teacher, she does not actually teach us a damned thing, and then gives us a test over the unit. 
Schools suck because they have lost sight of helping kids with their future, and helping students learn. At least my school anyways....
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Monolith295 wrote on Jun 29th, 2009 2:57am

My favorite thing is college. It's the biggest f-cking scam ever. Check this.
(this is for a college in my area)
-You go there to specialze in one certain area, yet they make you take electives, which you must pay out the ass to take.
-At the college I'm going to they just shy of force you to live on campus, costing several thousand dollar (only matters for people who live here)
-If you live on campus you MUST buy a meal plan, the cheapest of which being just over 1k
-You must get a parking permit to park a reasonable distance from classes. The cheapest is about 150 a year and has a terrible location


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