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Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Current mood: accomplished

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So after a rather unfortunate turn of events I won't be able to go to the UK for a masters degree. It is actually quite stupid because despite being accepted by the time I got the damn e-mail the application process for the scholarship was already due.

On the other hand I got accepted in a masters course here in Mexico, actually I was accepted on 2 Universities , but since one is located in the middle of nowhere I decided to stick around my good old Alma mater.

It's actually not a bad deal, since tuition is practically nonexistant , .20 cents (in pesos ) (I shit you not) , and a scholarship intended for living expenses I am pretty happy with it.

(It was the only pic I could find)

Also my advisor is willing to help me get into a good Phd program, hopefully in the US, so that is also ,kinda, sorted out. Right now I need to start reading some Journals to find a good topic and look for courses I want to take.

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T00DEEPBLUE wrote on Jul 28th, 2011 2:05am

Good luck. I'm glad you found what you wanted in the end. :cheers:

I wish tuition in the UK was so cheap. My Mecanical Engineering Degree will cost 4000 a year. Fees can sometimes go up to 9000 here.


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