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Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Current mood: accomplished


So after a rather unfortunate turn of events I won't be able to go to the UK for a masters degree. It is actually quite stupid because despite being accepted by the time I got the damn e-mail the application process for the scholarship was already due.

On the other hand I got accepted in a masters course here in Mexico, actually I was accepted on 2 Universities , but since one is located in the middle of nowhere I decided to stick around my good old Alma mater.

It's actually not a bad deal, since tuition is practically nonexistant , .20 cents (in pesos ) (I shit you not) , and a scholarship intended for living expenses  I am pretty happy with it.

(It was the only pic I could find)

Also my advisor is willing to help me get into a good Phd program, hopefully in the US, so that is also ,kinda, sorted out. Right now I need to start reading some Journals to find a good topic and look for courses I want to take.

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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Applying to grad school

Current mood: nervous

I'm applying to some Universities in the UK, namely U. of Warrick , U. Manchester and U. of York. They all have good research groups but they do adress different topics.

Warrick has Symplectic Geometry, Manchester has Supermanifolds and York has Harmonic maps.

The process of sending an application is quite tedious and stressfull , getting the  transcripts, translating them, getting letters of recommendation, looking for scholarships , oh and then there are the English examinations.

I took the IELTS test last Thursday, it took all morning but I hope I do ok.

Hopefully I hear back from these Universities in the weeks to come...

Take care fellow UGers!!!

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Well hello, since I'm very bored right now I've decided to start a blog!

But I've  decided to start it here and not in say Tumblr , mostly because it seems that everyone there just post  memes and shit , ooh wait.

Now about myself, my name is Jaime, I'm a mathematician (or at least I want to be one) more specifically I like Differential Geometry.   

Right now I'm struggling to finish my thesis, but it's not always easy....

I guess this is it for today, I've got a big pile of papers to grade and well people aren't going to fail the class by themselves do they?

Take care 
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