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Saturday, October 18, 2014


2:56 pm - 0 comments - 0 Kudos
Friday, July 12, 2013

If I crit'd your song and you're mad click here

First I wanna ask you a question: why are you here? Why did you create an account and post a piece/song on that particular subforum?
If the answer is "to get everyone to jizz all over it and praise me as the best musical composer of the last 2000 years" you're doing it wrong, VERY WRONG.
Even if you don't think like that and just posted a piece to get a few good crits and you don't want to deal with bad ones I suggest you just stop posting and leave this forum.
Criticism goes both ways: sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad. Everyone knows how to deal with good criticism: just post a bunch of fucking smileys and "thank you xD"'s, but then you stumble upon a bad crit and you flip your shit: the piece you spent 3 months working on was dissected and shat one by one "asshole". And I say "asshole" because they aren't assholes most of the time. The difference between an asshole and an "asshole" is that the first kind disses your song, doesn't explain why it sucks and then he eagerly awaits your response so he can spite you further (I have done that in the past, and it's a shitton of fun: if I did that to you you're right to call me a dick). The second kind tears your song apart but he explains why it's bad, pointing out all the flaws that should be ironed out and he might even give out a rather pointless score. If that sounds like me it's because it is: I'm trying to improve your piece dickface and you're wasting your time going into my profile to insult me and try to make me feel bad. Now I'm not saying that my opinion is the same as the "general public" but maybe you should take it into consideration, perhaps?
You could also argue that I don't need to be a dick, but am I being a dick?
I strive to be honest with my crits, no matter how blunt they may be. You're free to be as blunt to me, I don't mind.
Now it's up to you what's gonna happen next: you can ignore everything you just read and just write me off as a douche or you can keep in mind my opinion, I don't care that much anyway.

On an unrelated note: fuck The Pit and thank you mods for ruining my fun.
11:38 am - 0 comments - 2 Kudos