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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Olipticle Recruits

Current mood: accomplished




Is now looking for new members. We are excepting all applications from people

of every background of music. It doesn't matter what kind of instrument you play, we will be looking over each application carefully and determine which we need for our sound. We are also a Toronto based band and usually practice within the downtown area. Currently we need a drummer and singer, so that will be at the top of our list. Our style is mostly “Hendrixish” with a taste of Zep, and an all around 70's feel. But we write as we go along and to what feels right.

All applications should be sent to: Olipticle@Hotmail.com

All applications will be answered in the order that we receive them and are looking to start holding practices as soon as soon as possible. Please list in the application what kind of gear you have, your experience and your primary style of play. Considering we would be getting to know you better to, add a bit about yourself so you can stand out from the other applicants. There is no age or skill level restriction. So we welcome all to get back to us.




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