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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Gordon Giltrap @ High Barn

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After winding through the Essex countryside in the dark for nearly an hour, passing many litle villages, filled with plenty of 'Are you sure we're going the right way?'s, 'where are we now?'s, 'why do we have to go around the fields?' and 'Dad, you missed the turning's we arrived at the High Barn in Great Bardfield. Automatically I thought to text the boyfriend, however a quick check of my mobile revealed we were truly in the middle of nowhere; no signal. I strongly regretted not brining my ipod about halfway through the journey. There's only so much Radio 2 a teenager can stand to listen too.
The High Barn is a lovely venue. Upon entering I began to question whether it was a good idea to have lit candles in a large wooden building. Its an enormous place, quite pretty really. After getting some drinks and finding our table (the man on our table turned out to be a fellow guitar player, parents pleasantly baffled at guitar talk) I thought I spotted Sue (Gordon's website manager) so I first popped to the toilet then introduced myself. Fortunately, it was Sue. Chatted for a little bit (shook hands with Hilary, Gordon's wife, and Peter Howarth who is in The Hollies which was just one of those right time, right place things) then made way back to my table before Gordon came on stage.
Admitedly last night was the first time I've been to an acoustic concert. It was a pleasant surprise to find my ears weren't ringing afterwards. Gordon played beautifully and gave a quick introduction to each guitar as he picked them up. I wish more musicians would do this, for once I didn't leave wondering how I could find out what gear was being used. I loved the sound of the Polymer guitar. It's very different to a traditional wooden guitar, but I quite like different. The Fylde looked and sounded stunning. The fanned frets almost made the guitar look rather wonky, which is how I described it to mum when she wanted to know if Gordon had a 12 string guitar (yes she did attempt to count the number of strings too).
During the interval I swanned over clutching one of the 3 vinyl records I'd brought with us. I took Fear Of The Dark and had it signed by Gordon. It was great to meet him and my dad also had a picture from the Visionary album signed. During the second half of the concert, towards the end Gordon dedicated Lucifer's Cage to me (mum was thrilled to bits, couldn't quite believe it was me) which was a shock. Not only did I have a song dedicated to me, but it just so happened to be my favourite one. He played Lucifer's Cage and Heartsong with a great sense of energy and by the end of the night I had pulled the muscles in the right side of my neck where I'd tilted my head in wonder for the entire duration that Gordon was onstage. Afterwards, I met with Gordon again, this time taking Perilous Journey to be signed, which was for myself and had a few pictures taken.
It was a great night and well worth venturing out in the middle of nowhere.
I'm determined to see Gordon Giltrap play again, it was a fantastic experience. My friends better regret they didn't come!
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thischarmingsam wrote on Mar 8th, 2008 11:30pm

I can't think of anything witty, i mean most people wouldnt post a comment if they cant think of anything but still.


SavageNights wrote on Apr 9th, 2008 8:36pm

^ lol.


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