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Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Black Crusade left me black (and blue)

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Front fucking barrier!
Got there at about 5, didn't really get in till 6, waited whilst Dave go a T-shirt for Reece who was ill and couldn't come( and whose mum also paid for the driver) so missed Shadows Fall.
Arch Enemy were fantastic, Angela Gossow is such a legend. She was amazing. Starting worming my way to the wront and just before Dragonforce took to the stage I found myself on the front barrier. Had a great chat with the guys around me. I enjoyed Dragonforce more than the other bands, mainly because I wasn't being squashed to a pulp. Got some great photos. I don't really know much of Inhuman Rampage, so I was really happy they played Valley Of The Dammed. It was fucking awesome. At one point as I was getting shoved around Herman Li aknowledged me as he was soloing near the centre of the stage. I was frowning and pouting slightly as i got shoved and he gave me a 'oh you're being crushed poor thing I feel sorry for you' kinda look (accompanied by some sort of half choked/strangled face.) So I gave him the 'yeah I know' kinda look.
Luckily being at the front meant I was generously supplied with water. One security guard took particular delight in squirting water into my mouth, then down my top. He also nearly drowned me, to which he pointed out 'most girls just swallow.' I didn't reply.
He also kept asking if I wanted to be pulled out, I refused and demanded I would stay at the front for the rest of the night.
And that I did.
Trivium was pretty brutal, there was a flood of crowdsurfers at one point, so for most of one song I spent my time with my arms over my head and my face in the aforementioned security guard's crotch.
Thing is, I wish I was a bit taller. The barrier was directly in the middle of my boobs. Sometimes I stood on the balls of me feet which is why I'm developing a bruise under there, other times I just squished them in half, then by the end of the night I had my knees bent (which is why I have bruises on my knees) and the barrier at the top of my chest.
I could've passed out during Machine Head. It felt like I was having all air forced out of me (made me burp a few times xD) and by the end of the night I felt like my organs were being forced up and out of my mouth. The secruity guard asked if I wanted to be pulled out but I had to point out, if I was pulled out my jeans would come down and I would be standing at the front in my underwear.
You see,
Machine Fucking Head rocked me out of my jeans. Literally.
As I got shoved from one side to the other the barrier made the presstuds on my jeans come undone, which also made the very short zip undo. As a result, Machine Head saw my knickers xD. One of the other security guards told me to do my jeans back up or I'd lose them, so with the help of the guy who had pushed next to me who also had his arm around me, I managed to push back and do my jeans back up.
I was at first standing next to he guy who was first in the queue. He got there at 7.30am. He ended up getting pulled out though.
I've never been crushed so much in my life.
I was quite dissapointed that so many people crowdsurfed out during MH. There was like a flood of about 20 people. It meant I couldn't really enjoy it at all. The last song Davidian which I was looking forward to hearing the most was the worst for crowdsurfing. I only had my head up for about 30 seconds during the whole song. They could've at least waited until the end of the song, then everyone would be leaving...
And that is why I was left black and blue by the Black Crusade. Awesome night, not so good morning. My right leg is killing me thanks to my feet not always being under me, my back kills (thanks crowd at brixton) and my boobs hurt.
Same time next year?
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RockFreak000 wrote on Nov 25th, 2007 1:48pm

whoa sounds awsome


SomeoneYouKnew wrote on Nov 25th, 2007 2:49pm

OddOneOut wrote:

I was frowning and pouting slightly as i got shoved
and he gave me a 'oh you're being crushed poor thing I feel sorry for you' kinda look
(accompanied by some sort of half choked/strangled face.)
So I gave him the 'yeah I know' kinda look.

Toni, I'm sooooo sorry about the miscommunication.

I thought your look meant you really, really wanted me.
Then I gave you the "I wish we could do that right now" look.
(accompanied by the ecstatic look I'd have on my face if we got all horizontal/freaky.)
Then I thought your look said, yeah baby, that would be ace.



break-me-in wrote on Nov 25th, 2007 3:15pm

I'm going to that tonight. Thanks for the heads up about everything.


break-me-in wrote on Nov 25th, 2007 3:15pm

Oh forgot to kudo it...


SavageNights wrote on Nov 26th, 2007 6:01pm

Haha, insane. I never go near the front, I always stay by the pit. I had one of those times where I was exhausted, and I was in the middle, and I was trying to get out and I just kept being pushed back, and then being fallen on but I enjoyed it, even if I felt like I was about to suffocate. We had one of those people where there is a little girl, and her boyfriend protecting her, and as usual they stood right in front of the pit, and complained that my hair was getting in her face. I was like "right, ok then.."

Machine Head were awesome though, I got into the pit and it was fucking awesome, saw my mate but he disappeared quickly.

I wish I went to Brixton, and went to the front now though. :P


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