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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The End! The End! Riot Band Blues Ends This Week

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...and then, when you're not paying attention, The End rushes past and you realize that there actually are no ends. After the end, everything keeps continuing, whether you acknowledge it or not. Because things don't stop just because someone shouts "The End."
Okay, what the hell is he talking about? Simple: it's time to cut it off, sweethearts. Riot Band Blues needs to end, and it's going to end this week.
The story has been a lot of fun, and I created a lot of characters, scenes and situation that I couldn't have possibly planned before I started the series. Once the story was going, the drama created itself.
But it's been going for a very long time. When the process of writing the story began to feel like a real grind and it was getting difficult to keep the material both fresh and comprehensible, I realized the story would have to end. I would not be able to just run the story forever, so I decided to shut it down after chapter 100.
But as I've been approaching that goal, things haven't been getting better. If the story was to have a satisfying ending, I would need to build it up, creat a new, brief story arch that would allow for a bit splash and resolve all of the little subplots that had been introduced.
The problem is, I was no longer giving the story the serious time it needed every week to be able to bring about such a satisfying resolution. New demands on my time, plus the emotional burn-out of writing weekly chapters for nearly two years prevented me from doing it properly.
There is no rabbit to pull out of the hat here. There's nothing huge coming up. The story of Eric and Riot Band would continue forever the way it is going now: the band would advance and succeed, then suffer failure and embarrassment, learn a lesson, and then advance and succeed again, while possibly rearranging the lineup, meeting new people, having crazy adventures, and always ending a chapter with either a cliffhanger or a very vague resolution.
It could go on forever.
But it shouldn't.
Instead of stretching the thing out to one hundred chapters, and filling up chapters without actually adding to the story, I am going to end it this week. Chapter 91 will be the last. It ill be a quiet coda to the whole dinosaur of a story, hopefully bringing a little closure.
I don't think this story had as wide an audience as either Comeback Road or Guitargasm, but I know that there is a weekly core audience that has been incredibly loyal. The readers have always been very generous and supportive, but have also been willing to push me if they thought I wasn't doing my best, and I would like to thank them all for staying with me.
All I wanted for Riot Band Blues was that it be honest and realistic, and consistent in its quality and entertainment value. I didn't want to start phoning in half-assed work, but that's where I felt it was heading. The story peaked somewhere in the middle, I think. But that's okay.
I'll have more to say on Friday. Take care,
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Cheepy wrote on Jan 18th, 2011 6:51pm

Damn that sucks. I have enjoyed riot band blue since the first chapter . But I understand what nolan is saying, how he been struggling with it but I hope u still write more stories, I really enjoyed guitargasm , at least riot band blues was alot longer :) but a shame it wont go to a hundred :( thanks for writing such a good story, it made my Fridays alot better :)


Rungej wrote on Jan 28th, 2011 7:02am

Nolan.. you should seriously consider trying to publish this.. I know plenty of people, just from UG, would be honored to get their hands on this..


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