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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Unveiling the Master Plan

Hey Dudes (used gender inclusively),

It's been a while since I chewed the proverbially fat on this blog. You've probably noticed some changes in the direction of Riot Band Blues lately. If you're concerned that the story is getting shitty, please bear with me. This is part of a broader storyline, that is planned out.

Because the band has broken up, people have been wondering if the story is almost over. I'd previously said that Riot Band Blues would run 300 chapters, but I've decided the story would be better served if it ended sooner than that.

Inow plan to complete the storyline by chapter 100. That gives you aboutseven more months of Riot Band, and then we can all move on to something fresh.

Feedback? Comments? I'm easy. Okay, talk at me. I love you all. Come give me a hug.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010


Hey Peeps,

A couple quick notes: RBB is back (obviously). The END CITY story has wrapped up at so you can now read it beginning to end.

On the other hand, OUR MAN EVANS has been cancelled. It will stay online for a little while, but nothing more will be added, because it's creative peak passed by three years ago. To read the note about its demise, click here.

The old U-G novel COMEBACK ROAD (in its revised form) is being offered as an e-book at Find it here: dI6TK0yKTfx0y2P8Ig/page1.html

There's more info about the e-book at

Okay, that's it. Peace,

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Eminent Ends? Conspicuous Conclusions?

Based on the comments for Riot Band Blues chapter 58, a lot of people are figuring I'll be pulling the plug on series after chapter 60. Well, haterz, how ya like me now? I'm all up in your grill for shizzle, because there ain't no stopping this bad boy!

Okay, I don't even know what I just said. But the point is, we won't be ending after 60. 58 had a big leap forward in time, but that was to move the story along. Did you really want three weeks spent on apartment-hunting?

To avoid having this kind of discussion too often, I'll throw out a random number. In tribute to self-publishing comic creator Dave Sim, let's say that the series will run 300 episodes. Don't hold me to it. Shorter, longer, whatever. Who knows? Let's party.

What else is going on? Not much. I'll have something soon for your mobile devices. What does that mean? I don't even know. Fizzle your own shizzle, and get out of my whizzle.


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Friday, April 16, 2010

Quick Update

Hey Everybody!

Seems like a whole month since I said anything in this space (because it has been a whole month). Not much to tell you axe-goons. Riot Band carries on as usual. Gradually working towards...something.

The NHL's regular season is over and my team didn't qualify for the playoffs, so I'll be updating my hockey blog less often. This matches time well, because in about two weeks time we'll start to see new chapters of Our Man Evans for the first time in like, two years. Less time to work on one, more work to be done on another...everything falls into place.

The rumors that I'm leaving the rock and roll world to focus on a grittynew sci/fi-noir project are completely unsubstantiated, and at least partly untrue.I will be at U-G for life. Word. Okay haterz, how ya like me now?

But look for something weird in the fall. But in the summer? I'm going to do something new on June 1, 2010. More details to come, but I'll need my friends to help spread the word.

Peace in the hizzle, drizzle til you fizzle, shake me up a twizzle, boyeeeee.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

The Big Five-Oh, while listening to Jimi

Hey Peeps,

I'm listening to "Hear My Train A Comin'," which is a track off the new Jimi Hendrix release. It kicks some hard ass. I got a free download from a cereal box promotion (Shreddies, the only cereal named from a style of metal guitar playing) and took a shot at new (old) Jimi. I just picked the longest track. I got seven and a half minutes of kick-ass blues. I need to eat eleven more boxes of cereal to get the rest of the album. Lucky for me, I have coupons and a big appetite.

This week Riot Band Blues celebrates its fiftieth chapter. It would be nice if this was going to be a huge, awesome chapter that was some crashing crescendo of rock god awesomeness, but sadly, it's just another chapter. Not even a great one, in fact. Maybe a B- chapter. Chapter 49, the sucker-punch chapter, was probably an A-. It's been a while since I've hit an A+.

People have been mentioning that they want the story to have more distinctive direction. I guess they want the story to be more plot oriented, working toward a visible end. I understand that. We are taught that stories and, in fact, life, history and the universe are teleological (made with anultimate purpose ordesign).

Guitargasm and Comeback Road were both written this way, in a more classical novel style. In both cases I could see the end at the beginning (much more so with 'Gasm). Riot Band Blues is not like either of those stories. It was never intended as a novel. It was intended as a series. It's being written as a weekly story for U-G, and for nothing else. It is intended to be a rock-soap, a Monday Night Raw with distortion.

However, I've taken into consideration the desire for more narrative shape, and I am going to try to structure the story to include more visible storylines. I want an overlap of storylines so there is always something to come back for. I want that hated hook at the end of every chapter, that "cliffhanger" that everyone complains (cheers?) about every week.

But more than anything, I want to keep everyone entertained. And I want constructive feedback. Remember, if you don't tell me what sucks, I'll never get any better.


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Friday, February 26, 2010

New Album Title: Obligatory Cover Album by The Was

Hey Weebs,

Jus' gettin' my skooch on wit'mah blurgs, knowwhatI'msayin'?

Riot Band Blues 48 drops today (Freitag, jevol!). I think this little run will tie up some plot lines, resolve some character situations, and move the story on a little bit. There's still a loooong road ahead for these guys, and we make things crazier from here. What's next? Crazier, crazier shit. Whoo-hoo! All I do is make things more complicated! No neat tidy solutions for our boys!

So why is it called "Blues"? Simple. Around chapter 240, Eric will become a blind harmonica-playing blues man. But until then, the word "Blues" will simply represent the fact that his life sucks bloody ass. Word to mah blurgs.

There's some good writing on the site these days. Lots of good young writers popping their heads up. I hope they don't feel pressure to make a weekly skedge though. Take your time, lads and ladies. Make it good.

Like I'm one to talk. Have I jumped the shark yet? Am I The Simpsons yet, where people talk about how good I used to be? Weird. Maybe I'm past my prime. But who cares? Crank it up to twelve and let's fry some brain cells!

Die! Die! Die!

Go to sleep, kid!

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Monday, February 08, 2010

Our Man Evans Update

Hey dudes,

As I said, Our Man Evans rides again. The original material will be reposted in small chunks first, to be followed bynew material. Check it out at:

A permanent link can be found at as well.

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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Our Man Evans Returns

Hey peeps,

I've finally dug up the story "Our Man Evans," which was a popular story that ran on my own website a few years ago. It was never adequately completed, so I'm going to run the old material first and then pick it up with new material.

I'm going to post the link at on Monday.

So I'm running a variety of literary of literary scams right now. Outside of Riot Band Blues (right here at U-G!), I'm still running the re-posts of theEnd City story, and occasionally updating my hockey blog. All the links are at which is kinda like my central command post. I always announce updates at as well.

Okay, enough advertising for today. Keep it fake,

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Album Title: Total Destruction Live 1996-2002

Hey Everybodies,

So, the Riot Band Blues chapter this week was a bit of a departure from the soap opera crap we've been seeing lately, but I checked out a concert this past week featuring Between The Buried And Me and wanted to talk about what I saw.

I have to admit that I'm not at all familiar with BTBAM (I kept calling them Between The Dead And The Buried, and other goofy things). I was actually there to see the second band on the four-band bill, The Devin Townsend Project. A lot of the content in the chapter was based upon my impressions of the show (although I omitted The DTP-- I didn't want to mix too much preference in).

Anyway, I did get some of that "the openers are real, the headliners are shit" attitude from some other people at the show, although as an objective outsider, BTBAM put on a huge performance. That's not the kind of metal I usually go for, but they put on a terrific show.

Big props to Dev Townsend as well. I love that guy's work.

More soon, probably. Keep'er going hard core,

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Friday, January 08, 2010

New Album Title: Force Fed Fear

Hello My Guitarmy,

I put the spit and polish on part 41 of Riot Band Blues last night (at four in the morning, so go easy on me if there are any grammar mistakes). I think the two weeks off may have done me some harm, since I really had no momentum to pick up the story. So if the chapter seems a, call it rust.

Yeah. I'm rusty. Hopefully I'll get my person together and 42 will be a bit tighter. Also, I'll need to maneuver this thing back to playing music sometime soon. I remember when I was writing Comeback Road, every single chapter was about band practice or a gig or writing a song, or being "in the van." With RBB, it's a little more loose. I wouldn't be surprised if new readers looked at a chapter and wondered what it had to do with music.

But the story continues. And since this is chapter 41, RBB is the longest story I've run on UG. Yay, me! Only ten more weeks before I beat Colahue's record for longest UG story.

Anyway, keep on dominating,

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