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Friday, October 15, 2010

Eighty Chapters In! And we're warming up!

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Okay peeps, We're closing on on the BIG FINISH to this beast. Today Riot Band Blues chapter 80 went up today. If you've read this space before, you'll remember that I've planned to conclude the series on chapter 100, so we're almost there. Twenty more chapters to go (for perspective, remember that Guitargasm was only 30 chapters long).
Anyway, we're amping up to something here (I hope). Not sure what will be next, but we have lots of time to work that out.
Cheers, Riot Bandoliers!
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CavemanJB wrote on Nov 7th, 2010 11:04pm

I tried this once with a girl. We were both moving in a few months and decided that the long distance thing wasn't for us, but we wanted to stay together until we both left.

So we put a deadline on it. 3 months out we would go our separate ways. You know what happened Nolan? 2 weeks later we unceremoniously split and now (years later) we don't talk, but if we did it would be... destructive.

This is what you have done with Riot Band. You've put a deadline on it. If you're really not sure what's next then let it ride man. I guarantee you we would follow you to Chapter 200.

But if it has to be 100, then thanks for the ride man. It's been great.


Icarus Lives wrote on Nov 21st, 2010 1:39am

Hi Nolan

It has to end some time I suppose. I just hope you're cooking up a nice Comeback Road Christmas Special!


ginger ninja102 wrote on Jan 16th, 2011 6:54pm

plz make it a good ending not like the traditional riding into the sunset happy ending something uniqe it was a great read still got me through the weeks thank you very much


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