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Monday, June 02, 2014

"Among the Humans" is now available!

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Okay, to any of the fans out there who liked my early stuff, like Comeback Road, Guitargasm, or the first three quarters of Riot Band Blues, I suggest you take a moment to check out "Among the Humans," a new full-length novel I just published on the internets. It's available at Smashwords. You have to pay for the download, but use coupon code PR56E to get 50% off. The coupon is good until June 14, 2014.


Among the Humans is about Jerry, an hard-drinking hobo bird who is trying to get his life in order and build a career writing detective novels. He falls in love with the human girl next door and sees an opportunity to impress her when his lizard best friend asks him to help find a stripper that's gone missing with $5000 of the bar's money. Suddenly Jerry is playing detective, all while trying to figure out where his screwed up life is going.


It's dark and hilarious, like my best stuff. And I will say this right now: this is the best book I've ever written. This is my seventh novel (four are on U-G), and this is the first one that I think I could actually read for fun.


Okay, I hope some of you will check it out. If you're not sure, read the preview. It will give you an idea what it's all about. But if you want me to just tell you, here's what it's all about: drinking beers, getting girls, drinking wine, finding love, fighting crazy pro-wrestlers, drinking with hockey players, writing detective novels, loving beautiful artists, fighting douche-bags, living in a shed, being a bird, being a lizard, being a human and most of all, FITTING IN.


Give it a shot.


If you like it, please share this on your social media. It's a good book, and I really want it to find an audience.





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