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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring/Summer Update

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Hey Everybody! 

I see that some of you are still occasionally dropping by this profile to see what I'm up to, so I thought I would drop by and leave you all a message. I'm really busy with writing projects these days, and if any of you are actually curious about what I've got cooking, I want to make sure you can all find me!


First of all, I regret to say I have no projects planned for the immediate future here on U-G. After four rock'n'roll novels (one of which was reeeeeally long), I don't have much steam left for the genre. I am however, helping another U-G writer with his current projects.


You may have heard of Van Hammersmith ( / ), who used to write the "Ask Van Hammersmith" humor/advice columns here on U-G. He now writes the column at his own little blog, I'm helping him out with that, because he's kind of an idiot with computers. I'm also helping him prepare a novel that he's working on, which will hopefully be available this summer. It's really dumb, but that's what Van is best at. It's about rock and roll, and aliens I think.


I'm working on a novel of my own as well. It's not rock, but it's a lot like my work from here on U-G: a sad loner who falls in love and tries win the girl of his dreams by doing great things. WARNING: this book will be extremely tacky, and will contain strippers, hockey, wrestling, drinking, a poet bird, a beautiful artist, nude chess, and a giant lizard. You have been warned.


Check out preview material at


Also, I've released a free sampler of short fiction which can be found at Smashwords. It's FREE.


Okay, that should hold you for now. When The bird novel comes out this summer I'll probably try and post something here on U-G to pimp it out.


Reach out to me! Contact me on twitter at or message me here. I want to hear from you.





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