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Sunday, May 06, 2012

I Sing, End City, and other new work

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Hey folks,
Part 12 of "I Sing When You Shut Up" is old news by now. If you've read it, you propbably noticed that it has no mention of guitars, or being in a band, or anything else that might make it fit in on a website like UG.
The other issue with the chapter was that it takes place in a strip club, and throughout the writing, I was forcing myself to hold back on the visual descriptions, so that it might not seem too over-the-top for a younger demographic.
As you can imagine, as a writer, it's tough for me to always tailor my work like this to fit the market where the work is being seen. I love working on UG, and I love the connection I've made with the readers here, and I'm glad I'll be continuing here for a long, long time.
That said, I'm also itching to do some work that is not restricted in either subject matter or content. That's why, when I'm done reposting the "End City" blog novel over at I'm going to be using that blog site to run new material. It will not necessarily be music fiction, and I will have no restrictions on how graphic the writing might be.
I'm going to try and repost the old "End City" stuff as quickly as I can, so I can get to work on some new stuff. I'll mention more soon.
Take care of yo' fat self,
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secretseeker wrote on Jun 24th, 2012 5:25pm

I just finished reading riot band in 2 days and i would sure as hell buy your book if you ever put out one. I will sit by my rss reader :). Best of luck with the upcoming new series.


oxymorcide wrote on Jul 1st, 2012 3:52pm

That link doesnt work.


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