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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Wish You Well

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Will you fall back down?
Will you try to get up again?
And I try to turn your frown upside down
And help you believe that it's okay
Will we find a new day?
Will you find a better way to deal?

If I had to wish you well
I would rather help you
Find another way to live
For today

Don't get lost in the shed
Wear you store all your dread
Don't forget all the good before
The damned pain returns
I'll be here either way
If you're left in the shade

Well now you're feeling worthless
If only your dreams are sparred and stayed
Take your time, you don't need to hurry
To take a breather from the world
And just take a break

If I had to wish you well
If I had to live another day
I would take your hand again for tomorrow
To show you another way to live
For today

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