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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Desolate and free

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You used to drag onto never ends
You used to drag on a different joy
Scared and scarred with blistered cuts
A little room for restless love

But we forgot
The day you saved the shame
And you forever stayed
Desolate and free
Wherever you are

You've become
A star known for your smile

A hidden diary you cannot find
A hidden life that cannot shine
Mixed with passion and thrown into
The waves of light, thin air

May the king of the lame
Be made into gold
He's just a sad machine
This is how he'll stay
Put it all onto me
Desolate and free

You used to drag onto never ends
But it's unclear if you're gonna stay
It's useless if you're lonely and cold
When happiness is never reborn

Are you giving up?
Are you giving in?
To see your sadness scene
You'll forever stay
Another star to me
Lost in lies with truth
Lost inside your wounds
Desolate and free
Desolate and free

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