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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Safety In the Mantlefield

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Was this lie
A way to stay away from the edge
Bottle of pills, to take control
As these thoughts seep through

With both eyes closed
Or opened wide
I took the pictures and spread them across the walls
With painted figures dressed in black
They don't need to speak in excess
She's only trying to watch as he slips into
This last step without coming back

I was tracing the circles with my finger
Take me home, take me to the end with you
Maybe I could just let this breath fall to pieces
These are the thoughts when I'm alone
There's nothing left to hold on
When you have nothing else inside
Well what were we fighting for
In the first place?

With both eyes closed
Or opened wide
I've been chasing this feeling of security
For far too long
If you take me to the end with you
I'll have everything to hold on to

With both eyes closed
Or opened wide
I figured that we were just holding back
Ourselves, from the beginning of this life
These figures are pointing at her
Because she won't help him come undone
Because she's still scared and helpless
Take me to the end with you
So I can find your voice again

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