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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Poetry (some humourous)/Drama stuff- if your inter

Current mood: artistic

Wet Knees
Wet knees.
School pants, wet knees- I’ll cop it whether they know or not.
I mutter something under my breath.
No don’t worry, just talking to myself.
This and the fact my jaw chatters and isn’t desisting
Is why I hate winter.
Because it makes those few minutes we have together
Where my mouth is full and gagging
So- unpleasurable.
And it’s so much better when they’re pleasurable.
Why a paddock?
There’s a horse- a horse is chewing on my jumper-
I go on.
Wouldn’t want to dissatisfy.
Wet knees. That girlfriend of yours will give me a look.
I mutter something through a full mouth.
No don’t worry, I was just talking to the horse.
And I light a cigarette as I get up and see you prance away.
Knowing too well how bad both these actions are for me.
How lovely you have it.
I offer the horse a draw.
Pat his mane.
He’s not interested.
You and the horse would get along great.
(I like the horse more)

I would
Her: I want to sing and dance and move,
Like all the others seem to do-
Them: But alas,
You: That’s not for you!
Her: I want to prance and dance and twirl,
Just like every other girl.
Them: But it can’t be.
Her: It’s not for me?
You: No you are not a person; but a thing
Like a puppet on a string
And puppets do not sing
Her: … they dance.
You: Oh you’d like that.
Her: I would.
You: Not for you.
Her: But MUM!
You: But MUM you whine, as if I care.
You drink and weep and waste my things
This tower made of straw is all we have!
You don’t think I am not eagerly rebuilding
As you dance and prance and waste my space
That voice of yours fills up this small room
I can not breathe!
Her: then I will leave.
Them: But alas.
You: that’s not for you.
Her: Oh I will.
You: You always would.
Her: But I tried.
You: You never did.
Her: I scratch the walls.
You: I laughed. And said.
That’s a stupid thing to do.
if you likey i'll put more on here... i'll probably do that regardless
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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

my shit guitar is actually a very un-shit guitar.

Current mood: accomplished

OH MY GOD.  i just found out that my Daion DMK-1 is actually a rare and expensive guitar. people think its a cheap foreign brand and sell it second hand cheap as, i got mine for $160AU. i could sell it for maybe a grand... the company was only in production from 1978-1982, japanese based, but made high quality intruments, they just never got their name out there and crashed. so awesome...
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